yesterday evening i joined the football match of my 1. FC KAISERSLAUTERN vs FSV FRANKFURT. WE won 1:0 and went to second place of german BUNDESLIGA 2. funny, i was asked by two people if i would be the barber in the FCK movie the team released 2 months ago to present their new jerseys. you must know: FCK goes ROCKABILLY this season. this topic you’ll find in all the press and f.ex in the new team collection catalogue. this is one is not so bad – it could have been a bit more authentic but it’s okay. so overall not a bad idea and it is really great to hear the STRAY CATS and other favorite bands of mine before the match rockin’. this is really something new for german football stadiums. enjoy the video … me as a barber hahahahaha … pics & vid | 1. FC KAISERSLAUTERN

No, I am not a Barber!My Barber is OLLI, Olli The Barber.

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