As a constant reader of LIFE-TIME-GEAR you know that I am a great fan of CRISTIANO BERTO’s label 1ST PAT-RN. Some weeks ago the german Distribution for this wonderful label Uwe E. Maier, c/o Amtraq Distribution, gave me a CANSIGLIO Jacket for me to try and a VASSAR Jacket for my wife. Both are pieces from “ THE INTERNATIONAL TRAD” collection CRISTIANO offers every season. THE INTERNATIONAL TRAD is inspired by the 1960s East Coast style, by Anglo-Saxon University style, Trad, Ivy League, Preppy and also the Modernists, who were very well dressed at this time. Both jackets are made of Herringbone di Maglia, as the bespoke Cavalry di Malgia – maybe you remember the blue Vittorio Veneto Blu Navale Jacket, posted some months ago. It is a woven knitted fabric, which keeps the shape due to a special jersey instead of a woven lining – 42% wool and 58% cotton. The Jacket is elastic and offers such a great comfort – fantastic in wearing. The Insides the jackets are unlined and edged with a cotton jersey – very complex and significant manufactured! These are perfect for colder fall days. My wife is wearing her VASSAR jacket every day since she got it. It is so great to combine a lot off different stuff with these jackets: f. ex. just an ORCIVAL sailor shirt, or preppy with a chambray shirt and a tie or a necktie – it always looks perfect! The CANSIGLIO jacket is available @ VMC Zürich, Kentaurus Köln, Seestraße 7 Breitbrunn/Chiemsee, Zenit Ingolstadt and Cultizm; the VASSAR jacket @ Kentaurus Köln, VMC Zürich, Bruton-Hudson Zürich and Jeanslife Winterthur. pics | LTG




yesterday evening i joined the football match of my 1. FC KAISERSLAUTERN vs FSV FRANKFURT. WE won 1:0 and went to second place of german BUNDESLIGA 2. funny, i was asked by two people if i would be the barber in the FCK movie the team released 2 months ago to present their new jerseys. you must know: FCK goes ROCKABILLY this season. this topic you’ll find in all the press and f.ex in the new team collection catalogue. this is one is not so bad – it could have been a bit more authentic but it’s okay. so overall not a bad idea and it is really great to hear the STRAY CATS and other favorite bands of mine before the match rockin’. this is really something new for german football stadiums. enjoy the video … me as a barber hahahahaha … pics & vid | 1. FC KAISERSLAUTERN

No, I am not a Barber!My Barber is OLLI, Olli The Barber.


it’s getting warmer in middle germany and springtime is coming. time to get some fresh cycle stuff as a stimulation to get on the bike. it is nearly 15 years ago that i got my first ASSOS clothes: the best stuff you can wear in cycling sports – especially the sensational unbeatable cycling shorts, bibs and knickers. and this is not a promise but a fact! last time the designs of the jerseys got more technic – me, i prefer the classic designs without too much graphics. the new SS.neopro jerseys i like a lot, especially the USA shirt. you can get a nation jersey from france, germany, italy, UK and USA. new: also available dutch, belgium, luxembourg and canada. and the best is that these shirts are made out of a textile which is made of 100% recycled pet bottles. great idea! check assos.com to get more information and beside you can get a lot of infos about the new ASSOS CYCLING SHORT _S7 GENERATION, because “THE GAME HAS CHANGED, AGAIN: THE COMFORT REVOLUTION CONTINUES”. pics | LTG | CYLE & MODEL PHOTOS ©ASSOS