Last Friday one day after I shot The John Lindberg Trio @ Schlossgrabenfest 2019 in Darmstadt, Germany, I have had the pleasure to shoot JohnZ. One of my best friends and my barber Olli is JohnZ’ Upright Bass player. And it was a great live gig too. It is always the same with the public: if the people hear some pure and plain well done Rock’n’Roll they stop and stay listening, till their feet begin to dance wilder and wilder. This what music is for! This is for what Rock’n’Roll is for!! On the first weekend of July I will be again with the Bend at famous Darmstadt City Party “Heinerfest”. Lazi, Konrad, Tom and Olli, see you at Goldene Krone in three weeks!  #johnzrocks @johnzrock

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End of last week I have had the pleasure to shoot John Lindberg Trio “JLT” live on stage at Schlossgrabenfest Darmstadt, Germany. It was a blast! So nice to hang around with JLT and JohnZ. JohnZ’ upright bass player Olli The Barber arranged the gig of JLT at Schlossgrabenfest. In March Thiemo Gutfried, one of the organizers of this big party – last year 400.000 people joined the concerts over four days – heard JLT, when he was at Olli’s Barber Shop. A funny story in short: He thought, that JLT was covering songs from JohnZ, but it was just the opposite Olli told him: JohnZ is covering four songs of the Swedish R’n’R trio. Thiemo was excited about JLT’S music and Olli invited John to play at Schlossgrabenfest 2019. Long talk short sense: JLT was booked! It was a great Rock’n’Roll party last Thursday and the audience was so excited about the band. Crowds listened and danced to JLT’s rousing show. The band allowed me to take pictures on stage … this was a new experience for me and I loved it … Hope to see the guys again at Schlossgrabenfast 2020!

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Hi folks, sorry for a longer break @, but I was busy on the road. So three weeks ago I joined the International Barber Convention in Düsseldorf, Germany. I was booked to do some Social Media for Olli The Barber “Rock’n’Razor” and KMS. It was a great event. Crazy and best styled men – mostly –, pretty women – not many; it was a truly event for men! – and a lot of cool impressions. They choose the best location they could choose: Classic Remise, Düsseldorf, where vintage and extra ordinary cars are parked. To make it short: just take a look at some impressions. Thx. pics | LTG


The days before Christmas I will post some present ideas for your wish list or maybe you will buy something special for a friend, brother, your dad or someone else. I will start with something really small and affordable but with most effect. Yesterday I went to Olli The Barber and got my cut refreshed. He gave me the new DAPPER DAN X-AMS EDITION pomade and the smell flashed me. I got the one with a Christmas glove scent – fantastic. There are 2 more scents: Christmas and cinnamon. These pomades are heavy weight and high quality made of wool and bees wax. The Christmas Edition is not the cheapest but guys these pomades rule and are really something special! More infos about the ingredients please check .pics | LTG


yesterday evening i joined the football match of my 1. FC KAISERSLAUTERN vs FSV FRANKFURT. WE won 1:0 and went to second place of german BUNDESLIGA 2. funny, i was asked by two people if i would be the barber in the FCK movie the team released 2 months ago to present their new jerseys. you must know: FCK goes ROCKABILLY this season. this topic you’ll find in all the press and f.ex in the new team collection catalogue. this is one is not so bad – it could have been a bit more authentic but it’s okay. so overall not a bad idea and it is really great to hear the STRAY CATS and other favorite bands of mine before the match rockin’. this is really something new for german football stadiums. enjoy the video … me as a barber hahahahaha … pics & vid | 1. FC KAISERSLAUTERN

No, I am not a Barber!My Barber is OLLI, Olli The Barber.


some days ago i got this book from OLLI THE BARBER as a birthday present. great – i did not know the book “MAßSCHUHE”. very well done with a lot of photos, illustrations, graphics and useful informations, more than 220 pages. the absolute right thing for a shoe maniac like me. thx OLLI! beside the contents, the book itself is made so nice. look at the old school hard cover with golden embossments and the best: the pages have a golden cut – awesome … like a bible … i think this touch is wanted by the editor of the GENTLEMAN’S LIBRARY. there are two books more: CLASSIC SPORTSCARS, WATCHES. pics | LTG


yesterday evening i went to PASSION FRANCE with OLLI THE BARBER, KLAUS, c/o VOLLS and UWE E. MAIER c/o AMTRAQ. we went there because UWE got a gift coupon from us when he celebrated his 50 birthday this year to choose a knife @ PASSION FRANCE. WOLFGANG & SABINE received us in their showroom and it was so amazing. damn: so many knives, one nicer than the other. WOLFGANG & SABINE told us all the details and stories about the different types of french knives. it was so exciting and it was really difficult for UWE to decide which knife he should take. at least it was a classical LAGUIOLE – a pretty one. good choice UWE, have fun with your knife! pics | LTG


really funny. i got my beard since 19 years. not always so full as today and the last 5 years but every time more than a mustache. my wife just knows me from photos without having a beard. we are married more than 17 years. but i never found such a lot of beard grooming stuff or styling hints and even men with beards around me than the last 2 years. 2 weeks ago ALEX from because blog send me a wonderful beard soap, i did not tried yet because of the nice look. i wont fuck this up. last friday OLLI THE BARBER gave me the OTTER WAX beard oil for testing. one day before i ordered MR. BEAR BEARD OIL from sweden – that’s life. i did a little comparison of both oils. by the way: if you have a full beard i just can advise you to use an oil. your beard hair is getting smooth and bright. and it is so cool to smell the fresh air blowing up your mind straight from your chin.the package design of OTTER is unbeatable, but the closing of the bottle is really f***ing bad. after in use for 2 times the cover got broken and so you cannot close it correctly any more. MR. BEAR’s bottle design is so shitty that it is really funny and good again. it’s charming – i like it. okay, the bottle looks like a nose drop bottle but the idea with the pump is perfect. so the bottle does not get grease and oily. closing of the bottle works perfect. in use both oils are really great. your beard thanks this grooming to you. it gets a smooth and lightly grip and pleasant log fragrance. OTTER WAX smells so pure for nature: cedar, vetiver, pepper.  you think you walk through a forest by smelling it. MR. BEAR smells natural too but fresher. i got the CITRUS BEAR BREW. the ALL NATURAL OTTER WAX beard oil is made in the USA, MR BEAR comes from sweden. give your beard a try! pics | LTG


long time ago OLLI THE BARBER and me had the idea to develop something in collaboration for maybe selling or just give away to good friends. so OLLI did this lanyard for long wallets or knives out of goatskin. i love it. the pieces you see in the photos are just samples. we think about other possibilities for fixation, f.ex. fishhooks. the project is still in progress but i think it looks very good right now and believe me, the lanyard is so strong but flexible at the same time – and very well looking. the knot technic is absolutely perfect. no adhesive is used, the leather holds itself. never saw this before. great idea OLLI! and thank you so much to do a little lanyard for my little LEVI’S REDMOON wallet. see you tomorrow morning for my hair cut refreshed talking about our OTB vs. LTG projects …  pics | LTG


yes, still showing off birthday presents: thx OLLI THE BARBER for this small but so fine french “SCHWEIZER MESSER”. the brass motives of these knives are made with original forms of the 19th century. some of these wonderful d’artisan motives were done by M. OKINSBURGER, who made some drafts for french coins which were embossed in paris. all this knives are still made by hand and every piece is unique. just one craftsman does all the steps which have to be done from the beginning till the end to produce a FRANCE SUJET knife. the knives are available at PassionFrance. pics | LTG