Hi folks, sorry for a longer break @, but I was busy on the road. So three weeks ago I joined the International Barber Convention in Düsseldorf, Germany. I was booked to do some Social Media for Olli The Barber “Rock’n’Razor” and KMS. It was a great event. Crazy and best styled men – mostly –, pretty women – not many; it was a truly event for men! – and a lot of cool impressions. They choose the best location they could choose: Classic Remise, Düsseldorf, where vintage and extra ordinary cars are parked. To make it short: just take a look at some impressions. Thx. pics | LTG


Hi guys, first blog post 2016. I am sorry, but work was so hard and busy the first days of the new year. After a complete working through weekend it was such a pleasure to get a big parcel from SOUL OBJECTS BERLIN as a present – yes, as a present – this monday. What a superb surprise! Thank you so much soul sisters and brothers Melanie Rieman, Kornelius Werhahn-Mees and Oliver Hausner you made me really happy this day. What a perfect start for this week. And the best is, that I will have fun for weeks with this stuff. I noticed that the soul family send a lot of new products I do not know by now – exciting. I will try everything hard and tell you about the stuff at Life Time Gear. I am really curios about the new pomades from The Iron Society, Brooklyn. I got them all – 3 different sorts … YES! Also the products from The Brighton Beard Company make me very curios. Isn’t the design of the tins, the soap and the bags nice? Also the Laboratorio Avere La Barba products – MADE IN ITALY, inspired by the force and intelligence of nature  … Thanks again for this SOUL FOOD! pics | LTG


Yesterday I did an absolute spontaneous visit at GENTLEMAN’S SKATESHOP in Aschaffenburg, Germany. This little nice and cozy town is just 50 km away from the Life Time Gear Central. DIRK SCHÜTT owner and founder of this so nice shop kept some JOHNNY CASH socks for me. And because of a lazy Saturday morning I put little LEVI into the orange beast and we flew over to DIRK. And for sure we will see again soon. What a great guy and what an easy atmosphere in the shop … just good vibes. And it is a nice concept to combine some heritage stuff with some fresh and classic skateboard stuff – this works. DIRK see ya! pics LTG


Do you know SOUL OBJECTS? I think everyone knows soul objects and has some favorite soul objects for his own. But do you know the store SOUL OBJECTS? If you don’t it is time to check it out. SOUL OBJECTS is a great store in the heart of Berlin, Germany. In short: you get there vintage & antique furniture, curious beard grooming products and barbershop supplies,  non-standard accessories,  a lot of handmade, unique stuff & bags, vintage rum & whiskey, gin, wine, art and, and, and so on. It is a must to check their site to learn more about this great store and its owners Kornelius & Oliver, men full of soul – they live what they sell. Look at the wonderful store photos full of soul below … awesome. Anyway, some weeks ago i ordered a new fragrance and another gin for my collection. Best choice! The Bois 1920 DOLCE DI GIORNO – Eau de Parfum is really something special. It would be too much to describe the smell and the idea behind this fragrance – and something more special: i got a limited art collection piece with a nice package design. DOL GIN is a direct hit for my gin collection. Great taste, not to fruity but so smooth. It is made in South Tirol, Italy. This is what the distiller says about his gin: “Florian Rabanser,  the master distiller at Plunhof,  is not only a perfectionist when it comes to the distillation of classic brandies and grappas,  but he is also overflowing with creativity and impetus when it comes to the implementation of new ideas. Two years of developmental work have brought us the first gin distilled in the region,  the first distilled only from herbs and ingredients grown here in the Dolomites. Together with the village apothecary,  we have meticulously analyzed which herbs typically used in the production of gin grow here in the Dolomites,  and which can be reasonably substituted with other local herbs. The high quality outcome is a real insiders’ tip and contains numerous plants and herbs,  which grow wildly here in the area of Mount Sciliar. Only the indispensable lemon zest is brought in from Lake Garda. We must wait another 20 years until we can grow our own lemons here in Siusi allo Sciliar.” Interested? Yes. Have a nice weekend SoulSisters and SoulBrothers – enjoy! pics | Bois 1920 & Dol Gin LTG || picsstore | Soul Objects


this week i joined the rehearse of a new band with the working title THE JONHZ. my buddy and barber OLLI THE BARBER is the double bass player of this damn f**ing great rockin’ band. they just did a few rehearsals but it was so powerful and cool – really impressing. TOM (guitar), KONRAD (drums), LAZI (vocals & rhythm guitar) and OLLI will rock the clubs next time  – for sure. they do a kind of let me say rockabilly mixed up with a lot of other elements from hardcore, metal and pure rock’n’roll – it rocks at all. LAZI is a great singer and seems to be the perfect frontman. i am really excited to see their first gig. funny, from 2003 to 2005 i played the drums in the same room with the band called “ARMSTRONG” where OLLI THE BARBER was the singer. long time ago … thx CHRISTIAN GRAU for the great pics! pics // Christian Grau


yesterday evening i joined the football match of my 1. FC KAISERSLAUTERN vs FSV FRANKFURT. WE won 1:0 and went to second place of german BUNDESLIGA 2. funny, i was asked by two people if i would be the barber in the FCK movie the team released 2 months ago to present their new jerseys. you must know: FCK goes ROCKABILLY this season. this topic you’ll find in all the press and f.ex in the new team collection catalogue. this is one is not so bad – it could have been a bit more authentic but it’s okay. so overall not a bad idea and it is really great to hear the STRAY CATS and other favorite bands of mine before the match rockin’. this is really something new for german football stadiums. enjoy the video … me as a barber hahahahaha … pics & vid | 1. FC KAISERSLAUTERN

No, I am not a Barber!My Barber is OLLI, Olli The Barber.


long time ago OLLI THE BARBER and me had the idea to develop something in collaboration for maybe selling or just give away to good friends. so OLLI did this lanyard for long wallets or knives out of goatskin. i love it. the pieces you see in the photos are just samples. we think about other possibilities for fixation, f.ex. fishhooks. the project is still in progress but i think it looks very good right now and believe me, the lanyard is so strong but flexible at the same time – and very well looking. the knot technic is absolutely perfect. no adhesive is used, the leather holds itself. never saw this before. great idea OLLI! and thank you so much to do a little lanyard for my little LEVI’S REDMOON wallet. see you tomorrow morning for my hair cut refreshed talking about our OTB vs. LTG projects …  pics | LTG


it is more than 10 years ago that OLLI cut my hair the 1# time. every three weeks i got a my SLICK
BACK refreshed and my beard cut. beside his passion for haircutting he is doing a lot of other things
like scooter customizing, playing upright bass & singing in a psych band, collecting boots … a detailed
portrait will follow. some expressions from this morning … bad pics | Life Time Gear