Nice: sold out … @ the WIP CARHARTT online store for Europe this wonderful jacket isn’t available anymore – I like this, because I own on – ha! In spite of the 100% 12oz “Dearborn” canvas the jacket is really smooth and perfect for those early summer days especially in the morning and late evenings. I love the handmade painted and coated “PUTTY” style – it looks so one-of-a-kind a like. Take a look at the snaps and the special “square label”. This is a collaboration that works! Do you know SLAM JAM? Here just a few facts – you’ll find more about @ the WIP Page: “… For the past twenty-five years, Slam Jam have been eagerly exploring the world, listening, observing, intercepting trends, editing and mixing them up. The result is a bridge that joins streetwear and fashion. Music, visual arts and the energy from underground cultures have always been the fuel for Slam Jam’s engine. A childlike enthusiasm for this world made the rest. …” Beside the “PUTTY” range you’ll find two other styles. Check it out … This stuff is really special! pics | LTG

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