A while ago I went with my family to MANUFACTUM, Frankfurt/Main as we often do on Saturdays. It’s great to have breakfast there … such kind service, best selfmade food and a great view to the “Alte Oper” (opera) Frankfurt. After breakfast we walk around looking about. Just nice. So I found this nice Tuscan Hunting Vest by Italian manufacture GRP which I mostly know for their well done knitted fabrics. Saw this vest … had to take it with me. I love this style, this large curved pockets. Nice to wear with its 100% chambray cotton lining. It is made of cotton, has 2 front pockets, 1 small breast pocket and a large back pocket as usual for hunting vests. Really practicable: 2 inside pockets with zippers. The buttons are made of horn – very nice. The vest isn’t too heavy, nearly smooth. You can get it directly from MANUFACTUM’s online store. pics | LTG


  1. I have been looking for a coat or vest to put things in while I hunt and fish. This vest seems like it would have a pocket for every need. There are just times, when you want to slip a bobber in your pocket because it will fall out of your pocket. https://core4element.com


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