A while ago I went with my family to MANUFACTUM, Frankfurt/Main as we often do on Saturdays. It’s great to have breakfast there … such kind service, best selfmade food and a great view to the “Alte Oper” (opera) Frankfurt. After breakfast we walk around looking about. Just nice. So I found this nice Tuscan Hunting Vest by Italian manufacture GRP which I mostly know for their well done knitted fabrics. Saw this vest … had to take it with me. I love this style, this large curved pockets. Nice to wear with its 100% chambray cotton lining. It is made of cotton, has 2 front pockets, 1 small breast pocket and a large back pocket as usual for hunting vests. Really practicable: 2 inside pockets with zippers. The buttons are made of horn – very nice. The vest isn’t too heavy, nearly smooth. You can get it directly from MANUFACTUM’s online store. pics | LTG


last weekend i went to MANUFAKTUM FRANKFURT to buy new kitchen knives. my old japanese knives got blunt and the result of a professional cutter grinding wasn’t really satisfying: they were still blunt. i thought to buy HERDER knives but after a long and intensive advice by a very kind expert from the MANUFACTUM team i i decided to buy 2 HOHENMOORER knives: one allround COOKING KNIFE made of carbon stelle and a small “OFFICE KNIFE” also made of carbon steel. damn, these knives are not only very nice and perfect by touching but also very practical and easy to handle. just bought i tested these handmade beauties at saturday evening. cutting from meat over vegetables to salad … always a perfect cut. for more information about HOHENMOORER and the specifications of these carbon steel knives and other types of the collection watch the video below and check http://hohenmoorer-messermanufaktur.de . so, nice, yet to know my next birthday present from the family: the HOHENMOORER VEGETABLE KNIFE … pics // LTG // vid // Hohenmoorer Messermanufaktur




Hohenmoorer Messermanufaktur from marcellini on Vimeo.


this one in classic red was my first RED WING SHOE in 1988. it’s style number is 8804. the black one is sold at manufactum.de. they speak about the ”FRANKFURTER” and its style number is 8133. beside  manufactum, they are available at RIDERS ROOM and i think at the RED WING STORE FRANKFURT or B74. ask KAMI for this rare boot. i love it, the pureness and simplicity – awesome. pics | manufactum


yesterday i got the new MANUFACTUM catalogue. great stuff as all the years before. NEW: they have
a VIBERG BOOT in their boot line up. it is the classic SHELL CORDOVAN BOOT in black. beside labels
like LVC and PIKE BROTHERS they have some selected NIGEL CABOURN stuff. some pieces are just
made for MANUFACTUM. beside other clothes with history you can discover a lot of other very nice
old school stuff for your hosehold, to eat, drink … you can’t get anywhere anymore in the world true to
their motto: “THE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE STILL EXIST.” check manufactum.com or manufactum.de
or visit one of their shops for example in FRANKFURT, hamburg, cologne, munich or berlin. pics | manfuctum

MANUFACTUM FRANKFURT, opened 2 years ago