Today another very nice present with a serious background. When I bought my whistle in 2010 – dman, time is running – I was really excited about the idea behind the project FALLING WHISTLES and I am still doing. I was so shocked reading about the story the first time … for sure I knew that there were child soldiers, but I did not know about this whistle thing …  So it is a must for me to show you these nice and well done pieces for peace and I hope so much that you take a moment to check the website of FALLING WHISTLES and read about their story and work – please do so! Thank you so much!! Here is what’s about FW in their own words – a very short version: “In the Winter of 2008 a young man walked into the Democratic Republic of Congo. Five escaped child-soldiers told him that boys too small to carry a gun were being sent to the front lines, armed with only a whistle. Since that day a coalition of young and old, rich and poor, have fought – side by side – toward a dream most would call impossible. PEACE in CONGO Make their weapon YOUR voice, Be a WHISTLE-BLOWER for PEACE!Again, please read the whole story!

There are 4 different sorts and 2 sizes of whistles: Chrome, Gun Metal, Vintage Gold and Black. I am really proud to own a FW of the first generation. My gun metal whistle has number 046! I use a massive anchor chain by PATRIK MUFF that correspondents perfect to the gun metal whistle. All orders are shipped out from Sweden, so that European future whistler-blower can get their FW just in time before Christmas. It is great to buy such an awesome tag and at the same time to support the  peace project in Congo. BE A WHISTLE-BLOWER FOR PEACE! pics | LTG and FW

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