Dear LIFE-TIME-GEAR followers, I wish you some wonderful exciting but relaxing days off with your family and friends for Christmas. Peace on earth to everyone!!! There is so much f***ing shit happening on earth while we sit down with our beloved ones – I hope you appreciate this. Have fun with this nice so innocent looking ads. Take care! Merry Christmas! pics | from around the net


Isn’t that a great idea? So obvious, so easy to do, not to buy and so personal – but who does this nowadays? For me it is always a pleasure to open a letter and seeing that someone who is next to me write me some lines with his hands, with a pen, a pencil or a marker or something else. It is a great gift in the f***ing fast times … It is still time enough to do write a letter to the people who are important for you. pics | LTG


Today another very nice present with a serious background. When I bought my whistle in 2010 – dman, time is running – I was really excited about the idea behind the project FALLING WHISTLES and I am still doing. I was so shocked reading about the story the first time … for sure I knew that there were child soldiers, but I did not know about this whistle thing …  So it is a must for me to show you these nice and well done pieces for peace and I hope so much that you take a moment to check the website of FALLING WHISTLES and read about their story and work – please do so! Thank you so much!! Here is what’s about FW in their own words – a very short version: “In the Winter of 2008 a young man walked into the Democratic Republic of Congo. Five escaped child-soldiers told him that boys too small to carry a gun were being sent to the front lines, armed with only a whistle. Since that day a coalition of young and old, rich and poor, have fought – side by side – toward a dream most would call impossible. PEACE in CONGO Make their weapon YOUR voice, Be a WHISTLE-BLOWER for PEACE!Again, please read the whole story!

There are 4 different sorts and 2 sizes of whistles: Chrome, Gun Metal, Vintage Gold and Black. I am really proud to own a FW of the first generation. My gun metal whistle has number 046! I use a massive anchor chain by PATRIK MUFF that correspondents perfect to the gun metal whistle. All orders are shipped out from Sweden, so that European future whistler-blower can get their FW just in time before Christmas. It is great to buy such an awesome tag and at the same time to support the  peace project in Congo. BE A WHISTLE-BLOWER FOR PEACE! pics | LTG and FW


I think the best presents you must give to yourself. So the day after Santa Claus I got my first subscription delivery “WEIS’SE BESCHEID”. And, damn, I’m sorry, this two words can’t be translated in English – German words playing with the meaning. Fact is, I get the next time every month 6 different bottles of white vine to try – what an adventure. As a constant reader of LTG you should know that I am a passionated white vine drinker especially Riesling is one of my absolute favorites. “UNPLUGGED” and “WEISSES RAUSCHEN” from German vineyard TESCH or from MARKUS SCHNEIDER are f***ing great. But it is my nature to check always new things and so I am really happy to find GEILE WEINE with this special subscription. The best is that you can cancel your subscription monthly, you can change it to a smaller one or to a red vine one and so on. Check the site and the options. GEILE WEINE is run by a young, dynamic team. What a great gift for vine drinkers. And you must not do a subscription to try the different stuff they offer: GEILE WEINE present a lot of special packages sorted by themes as f.ex. ”Relaxing Package”, “Vine-Punk-Box”, “Super New Years Party”, “Box for Brothers”, “Men Special” or ”Movie Package”. Creative! pics | LTG


The days before Christmas I will post some present ideas for your wish list or maybe you will buy something special for a friend, brother, your dad or someone else. I will start with something really small and affordable but with most effect. Yesterday I went to Olli The Barber and got my cut refreshed. He gave me the new DAPPER DAN X-AMS EDITION pomade and the smell flashed me. I got the one with a Christmas glove scent – fantastic. There are 2 more scents: Christmas and cinnamon. These pomades are heavy weight and high quality made of wool and bees wax. The Christmas Edition is not the cheapest but guys these pomades rule and are really something special! More infos about the ingredients please check .pics | LTG


he guys, the next days before christmas i will tell you what i would put on my wish-list for santa claus when i were you. all this stuff i own myself and for this it is guaranteed life-time-gear approved. i will start with this fantastic books.

maybe you remember LTG post about VINTAGE PANERAI HISTORY 2 from july 2013. i was exalted about the book that i read it completely in 2 days. and believe me, this book just as HISTORY 1 is not only for PANERAI lovers. the stories about the KAMPFSCHWIMMER and their adventures and experiences during WWII are really fascinating and impressive. both books VINTAGE PANERAI HISTORY 1 and 2 are available at: .

here some sentences from the authors VOLKER WIEGMANN and RALF EHLERS about these two fascinating books.

Watches with History – History 1: This book documents the stories of three german “Kampfschwimmer” units, their training in Italy and northern Germany, their missions at the eastern front in the last weeks of the 2nd world war, followed by the story of the commander of the italian submarine “Ambra” who delivered SLC and Gamma units to their target zones at the harbours of northern Africa. These four personal stories are building the columns of moving chapters together with detailed views on their watches, using latest extracts of the authors’ database of today existing vintage Panerai watches. The result of years of intensive research, diary extracts, interviews with the veterans, combined with more than 250 historical photos, maps, documents from allied secret services and 30 illustrations are writing Panerai’s unique history. 26 x 26 cm, 420 pages, trilingual (= german, italian and english language in one book), hardback jacket, slipcase.
Watches with History – History 2: History2 continues where History1 ends – the 2nd volume documents five previously unreleased stories of frogmen units of the 2nd world war. Their personal stories are building the columns of five moving chapters together with detailed views on their watches and instruments, using the latest extracts from the authors’ database of today existing vintage Panerai watches. Years of intensive research, diary extracts, interviews with the veterans, combined with more than 290 historical photos, maps, documents from allied secret services and illustrations are writing Panerai’s unique history, having been a supplier for an essential tool in dangerous underwater missions during the 2nd world war. 26 x 26 cm, 480 pages, trilingual (= german, italian and english language in one book), hardback jacket, slipcase. all pics by VOLKER WIEGMANN