After heavy trouble with my back I started the running year 2016 this week with two short runs about 8 kilometers. Last summer I found this damn wonderful gadget RUNBELL, but I did not found the right time to do a blog post about. Now I do, because of using it the first time today. All the time my wonderful RUNBELL was still in its case. I start all my runs straight from the Life Time Gear central in the middle of my hometown. It is really annoying that all 3 meters I have to shout “Attention please”, “Soooooorry”, “please make way”, … but with my RUNBELL, I just have to flip my fingers – it works great! Perfect – I enjoy it so much. It is perfect for the urban runner and also in the forest or the fields if you pass walker and especially dog walker. The RUNBELL is sold in 2 different materials: gold and copper. When I bought mine copper was sold out. But the golden one doesn’t look so bad at all. You can customize your RUNBELL sizes – they designed RUNBELL to be slightly oversized to fit even large hands comfortably. They supply two pairs of silicone inserts with every RUNBELL, so the ring size can be reduced to fit every finger perfectly. On cold days you can leave out the insert and wear RUNBELL over the glove – so I did today. It is hand made in TOKYO, Japan. Please check the RUNBELL site for much more interesting and also funny stuff. pics | LTG






Today another very nice present with a serious background. When I bought my whistle in 2010 – dman, time is running – I was really excited about the idea behind the project FALLING WHISTLES and I am still doing. I was so shocked reading about the story the first time … for sure I knew that there were child soldiers, but I did not know about this whistle thing …  So it is a must for me to show you these nice and well done pieces for peace and I hope so much that you take a moment to check the website of FALLING WHISTLES and read about their story and work – please do so! Thank you so much!! Here is what’s about FW in their own words – a very short version: “In the Winter of 2008 a young man walked into the Democratic Republic of Congo. Five escaped child-soldiers told him that boys too small to carry a gun were being sent to the front lines, armed with only a whistle. Since that day a coalition of young and old, rich and poor, have fought – side by side – toward a dream most would call impossible. PEACE in CONGO Make their weapon YOUR voice, Be a WHISTLE-BLOWER for PEACE!Again, please read the whole story!

There are 4 different sorts and 2 sizes of whistles: Chrome, Gun Metal, Vintage Gold and Black. I am really proud to own a FW of the first generation. My gun metal whistle has number 046! I use a massive anchor chain by PATRIK MUFF that correspondents perfect to the gun metal whistle. All orders are shipped out from Sweden, so that European future whistler-blower can get their FW just in time before Christmas. It is great to buy such an awesome tag and at the same time to support the  peace project in Congo. BE A WHISTLE-BLOWER FOR PEACE! pics | LTG and FW


current bid on auction is $130,000 @ JULIEN’S LIVE. what’s up? this TRANS AM was the real star beside BURT REYNOLDS at SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT. now you can get one of this 70s muscle machines which is actually owned by REYNOLDS. it is the famous 77 TRANS AM COUPE with the well known gold “screaming chicken” on the hood, 400-cubic-inch (6.55 litre machine) certainly V8 with 4-barrel carburetor and an automatic transmission. nice details: a sign inside the driver’s door proclaims that the car is owned by REYNOLDS and there is a BANDIT logo on the door. nice! pics |


nice to have a wife who finds things that are not forgotten but somewhere stored in the house you can’t remember … so it happened with my beloved TEXAS UNIVERSITY RING i bought more than 10 years ago. i remember the day and the place where i got it as it was yesterday. i found this piece while walking through an antique market in frankfurt/main germany with my wife. i wasn’t searching for a college ring or something like this. but the ring was like a magnet. i went to a sales booth saw it in the display case, knewing i must have it. but after asking the seller for the price we went away. but i couldn’t get the ring out of my head. after we were back in darmstadt, i went to the bank to get the money i wanted to spend – less than the seller rather wanted.  so i drove back the 40 kilometers back to the antique market. i told the seller which price i would pay and he gave the ring to me. i love this extraordinary piece and i think it is a good combination with my, no, little LEVI’s ring, he get it when he will be 18 years old. pics | LTG