I think the best presents you must give to yourself. So the day after Santa Claus I got my first subscription delivery “WEIS’SE BESCHEID”. And, damn, I’m sorry, this two words can’t be translated in English – German words playing with the meaning. Fact is, I get the next time every month 6 different bottles of white vine to try – what an adventure. As a constant reader of LTG you should know that I am a passionated white vine drinker especially Riesling is one of my absolute favorites. “UNPLUGGED” and “WEISSES RAUSCHEN” from German vineyard TESCH or from MARKUS SCHNEIDER are f***ing great. But it is my nature to check always new things and so I am really happy to find GEILE WEINE with this special subscription. The best is that you can cancel your subscription monthly, you can change it to a smaller one or to a red vine one and so on. Check the site and the options. GEILE WEINE is run by a young, dynamic team. What a great gift for vine drinkers. And you must not do a subscription to try the different stuff they offer: GEILE WEINE present a lot of special packages sorted by themes as f.ex. ”Relaxing Package”, “Vine-Punk-Box”, “Super New Years Party”, “Box for Brothers”, “Men Special” or ”Movie Package”. Creative! pics | LTG

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