Yesterday I did an absolute spontaneous visit at GENTLEMAN’S SKATESHOP in Aschaffenburg, Germany. This little nice and cozy town is just 50 km away from the Life Time Gear Central. DIRK SCHÜTT owner and founder of this so nice shop kept some JOHNNY CASH socks for me. And because of a lazy Saturday morning I put little LEVI into the orange beast and we flew over to DIRK. And for sure we will see again soon. What a great guy and what an easy atmosphere in the shop … just good vibes. And it is a nice concept to combine some heritage stuff with some fresh and classic skateboard stuff – this works. DIRK see ya! pics LTG


right before starting in my summer holidays some stuff from PETER FIELDS, berlin, reached me. amongst some other DEUS pieces i got 2 shirts and a LECHATVIVI – AHOI NATURE bracelet. the quality of the DEUS shirt that are made in USA is absolutely perfect. i like the DEUS stuff a lot and it is still difficult to get this stuff here in germany. the LECHATVIVI bracelet with its small anchor and the 2 massiv “Cs” is pure understatement: smart but cool – love it. thx ANIE c/o PETER FIELDS for fast shipping! pics | LTG


damn: $250.000 for a motorbike? i did not hear anything about BROUGH SUPERIOR before finding this retro monster at BENCH & LOOM. for more information about the 1000cc RETRO PENDINE RACER, the “ROLLS ROYCE of motorcycles” check BENCH & LOOM’s site. for me the bike looks to luxury. i prefer the custom DEUS style – much more!  pics | BENCH & LOOM


sometimes when i see those pics or the video below it prickles me. long time ago i was riding a HARLEY, a vintage BMW “GUMMIKUH”, a rice-cooking big HONDA chopper, a VESPA 200 … i think this were my bikes. because of my family i gave up motorcycling and bought me a vintage big block GMC pick up truck but the love for motorbikes never died. after three heavy roadbicycle crashes it is hard to speculate riding a motorbike again. damn. you know australia’s DEUS EX MACHINA®? i think so. if you don’t know check their site. really nice design, great bikes, exciting stories, awesome t-shirts and accessories. at their blog you can check more news about the SCORPIO project THE WHITE HALLWAY. hm, the guy is wearing the right boots: a RED WING 877 or 875 – good looking! pics & video | Deus Ex Machina®

The Scorpio – Part 1 from Deus Customs on Vimeo.