i love my wallets from TANNER GOODS. so i needed these in black and oxblood. as you see in the pics below the oxblood colored is my favorit. i own it now for a year and since i got it, i wore it nearly everyday. just changed sometimes to the black one or the TANNER GOODS card holder. the wallets are made of 3.5 oz HORWEEN CHROMEXCEL, feature four cards slots in which you can put easily more than just one card, two interior pockets for cash and receipts, one zippered coin pocket, which i do not use because of avoiding my cards crashing. each wallet is burnished, dyed, waxed and stamped with the TANNER GOODS signature maker’s mark by hand. the oxblood wallet i usually combine with the original LONG TETHER and sometimes with a lanyard from PETER FIELDS. the black one i combine with an OBBI GOOD LABEL wallet chain i got from BURG & SCHILD. AMTRAQ does the distribution for TANNER GOODS in germany, austria, switzerland, netherlands and belgium. please check this link where to get this perfect wallets: AMTRAQ stockists. pics | LTG


as a great POPEYE fan i own my talisman from FEINSCHMUCK since they’ve done the first pieces one year ago. beside the talisman, FEINSCHMUCK does a POPEYE BELT BUCKLE and different POPEYE ZIPPOS. all pieces are manufactured by hand by the small FEINSCHMUCK team in bavaria, germany. these pieces are made of bronze and you can get it with patina or without. in germany you find this great stuff at PETER FIELDS, berlin, and B-74 in frankfurt, main. pics | Alexander v. Bronewski | LTG




  LTG’s POPEYE TALISMAN, after 13 month of wear


the weather forecast told us, that there will be rain and thunderstorms today in middle germany and that the next days will be about 20°C. okay, there was some rain and low winds that blow the 37°C from this morning away. for 1 hour we have had about 22°C, and now at 5 PM it is nearly 30°C again. so the next days i think it’s good to know some colored short sleeved shirts in the cupboard. here some of my favorites. as you see: i love patterned shirts. pics | LTG

IRON AND RESIN | Peter Fields


vintage DUKE KAHANAMOKU hawaiin shirt


vintage  HILO HATTIES, the hawaiin original



yesterday the new PETER FIELDS wallet rope arrived. the rope is made by their selves in berlin: a made in germany thing combined with brass hook and shackel from japan. it is made of a vegetable tanned leather. i got it in brown and hope that they will do a black one too because it works so good with my TANNER GOODS wallets i own in black and oxblood. good job ANIE & co! some more facts: total lenght: 46,5 cm (18,3 inch), hook: 7 cm (2,8 inch), shackle: 2, 5 cm (1,0 inch). pics | LTG


right before starting in my summer holidays some stuff from PETER FIELDS, berlin, reached me. amongst some other DEUS pieces i got 2 shirts and a LECHATVIVI – AHOI NATURE bracelet. the quality of the DEUS shirt that are made in USA is absolutely perfect. i like the DEUS stuff a lot and it is still difficult to get this stuff here in germany. the LECHATVIVI bracelet with its small anchor and the 2 massiv “Cs” is pure understatement: smart but cool – love it. thx ANIE c/o PETER FIELDS for fast shipping! pics | LTG


yep, bloggin means rockin’:  thx DON SCHWEDE for discovering PETER FIELDS in your blog posts. it’s some time ago i found IRON AND RESIN at FRANK SIDER’S great MOTART blog. cool stuff. again just available in the states, customs, shippings costs, … and what’s about the fit? but now discovering PETER FIELDS in berlin it is easy-to-handle to get IRON AND RESIN stuff. they don’t have an online shop yet but contacting ANIE FIELDS via facebook or mail it is no problem to buy something for europeen customers. they contact you fast and shipping is speedy, too. thx ANIE! i bought 2 trucker caps. great stuff made in the USA. for more information about the label check the IRON AND RESIN site and their well done blog.  pics | Peter Fields, LTG, IRON AND RESIGN

Iron & Resin : Fall 2011 from Scott Toepfer on Vimeo.