In 1976, Banzai Inc. released one of the most timeless skateboard designs in the culture’s history. Made entirely from anodized aluminum and featuring one of the world’s first double kicktails, it went on to become an icon of sidewalk surfing. 43 years after its initial release the original Banzai is back with a limited edition rerun. Limited to 50 pieces per color and size, two board sizes (23.5” & 28.5”) were reproduced in collaboration with the rights holder of the original Banzai trademark. Each Banzai skateboard comes in a high-grade collector’s box featuring signed art prints by David Carson, Jay Nelson, Nathaniel Russell, Todd Glaser or Cole Barash. All boards come with grippy urethane wheels, custom ceramic bearings, lightweight trucks, stainless mounting parts and a respective tool. Due to their hand-brushed finish the boards can be skated without grip tape and can be considered nearly water-proof. Maybe the most durable collector’s item of all time. I was no Skateboarder at any time, but I saw this beautiful collectors case at Amtraq who will distribute Banzai … and this box fits perfect to one of my office walls.

© Photos: Banzai GmbH & Co. KG | Life Time Gear [Advertisement due to tagging of brands]

Ad from 1977 at Skateboard Magazine UK


Yesterday I did an absolute spontaneous visit at GENTLEMAN’S SKATESHOP in Aschaffenburg, Germany. This little nice and cozy town is just 50 km away from the Life Time Gear Central. DIRK SCHÜTT owner and founder of this so nice shop kept some JOHNNY CASH socks for me. And because of a lazy Saturday morning I put little LEVI into the orange beast and we flew over to DIRK. And for sure we will see again soon. What a great guy and what an easy atmosphere in the shop … just good vibes. And it is a nice concept to combine some heritage stuff with some fresh and classic skateboard stuff – this works. DIRK see ya! pics LTG