i am everything but not an expert for beer. i prefer vine and when i drink a beer it is mostly a german brewed one from the north like BECK’S, JEVER or FLENSBURGER – it is important that the beer tasts dry. but when i went to MARUHN – THE WORLDS OF DRINKS some weeks ago i found this nice labeled bottles. i don’t know anything about their tast but i had to take’em with me because of the wonderful graphic design and the look. beside, i am excited too about the question of taste … all bottles contain PALE ALE … okay? let’s try! pics | LTG


just saw a pic of the new munich denim store STATEMENT posted by founder & owner KAY KNIPSCHILD and i felt in love with this wonderful hat. two days later this great lookin’ STETSON was put to my hat collection @ the LIFE-TIME-GEAR office. the CORDELE is made from premium quality fur felt, fully lined in a gold-bronze STESON fabric and there is a leather sweat band on the inside. the nice grosgrain band around the hat crown carries a wonderful colored feather. the crown is about 10 cm high and the brim 6cm wide. i love the look of the hat so much because with the brim turned up this fedora is such a nice mix between a classic fedora and a western-look-a-like hat – just perfect.

the STATEMENT store is owned by “JOSH” aka CHRISTIAN HEISE and KAY. i think they did a great job, when i take a look at the pics of the new store opened just 3 weeks ago. their vision was to bring the DENIM & BOOTS SPIRIT to GLOCKENBACHVIERTEL in MUNICH, germany. the STATEMENT store is located just beside the RED WING STORE MUNICH – not the worst idea! beside a big range of raw denim JOSH & KAY present a selected range of WHITE’S BOOTS. the store is full of awesome unique stuff from american flea markets – check the pics below. JOSH & KAY love quality, not status symbols, they love the details – that’s their STATEMENT. pics | STATEMENT // LTG