What a beautiful iconic car. On the first sight this Bronco looks so pretty with its Dark Jade Metallic painting and  its white hardtop. After checking all pics of the offer you will see that there must be a lot of work done to get the this 4×4 truck back in a really good condition. But I think it is worth it – for sure! Here just some technical facts ›› 34k Indicated Miles, TMU, 302ci V8, 3-Speed Manual Transmission, 2-Speed Transfer Case, Dark Green over White, 2005 Repaint in Original Colors, New Carburetor and Valve Cover Gaskets. For more information check Bring A Trailer. The current bid is 10.000 US $. Auction ends in one day on Monday 8th of April.

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Here just some pics of TSPTR’s new SS Collection 2019 named “APCALYPSE, NO!” Why they named their 10th collection “APCALYPSE, NO!” you can read some klicks below. TSPTR is one of my absolute favorite T-Shirt brands, but they do so much more than Tees! I just wanna show you some of the new Tee und Sweatshirt styles for upcoming Spring and Summer. As a great Peanuts, Disney and Rat Fink fan I am  … Most styles are available in different colorways. For those who never heard about TSPTR here their own “ABOUT” ››TSPTR delivers a maelstrom of 20th century American counter culture, military and sports themes with a contemporary lean. TSPTR is an acronym standing for Truth, Symmetry, Pleasure, Taste and Recognition, the five design principles of Louis Sullivan, American modernist architect, designer and ‘the father of skyscrapers’. His viewpoint was that ‘form should ever follow function’ and we subscribe to that ideal. At TSPTR we have a passion for both great design and a good story combining our experience creative backgrounds and appreciation of vintage objects to create clothing with both a purpose and a narrative all ethically sourced from the best manufacturers around the World. From garment to accessory and old to new we share the stories we love that are true soulful and need to be heard.‹‹ For stockists check Amtraq Distribution. © Photos | TSPTR

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Always nice to get a present. Even nicer when it is like this – great! Olli The Barber gave me the wonderful LIFETIME LEATHER CO mug when I got my haircut refreshed one week ago. LIFETIME LEATHER CO produce all their stuff by hand in Arizona. This style is named LINE 19. The Mason Jar is a 16 ounce glass, lid included. The cover and the saddle stitched hand hold are made of durable American saddle leather with an embossed LIFETIME LEATHER CO logo. They do different sorts and sizes of bags, belts, key chains, wallets … the complete leather range and all things can be customized f.ex with your name or initials. Visit the LIFETIME LEATHER CO shop @ ETSY. pics | LTG


Just got a newsletter from PEGGS & SON. They offer a really well done exact reproduction of the original jacket ROBERT DE NIRO wore in Michael  Cimino’s THE DEER HUNTER. One of my most beloved films! The original manufacturer HOLUBAR did the iconic jacket for P&S. The DEER HUNTER jacket is world exclusive available at P&S. Great idea! Peggs & Son: “… Staying faithful to the original in every way, it features four external pockets, one on the reverse, large adjustable hood and a water resistant outer in that instantly recognisable orange colourway. Completing matters is Holubar and Peggs & son dual branding on the inner label. An incredibly rare jacket, exclusive to us with the kind of cultural heritage that very few other garments can achieve.” pics | Peggs & son


i am everything but not an expert for beer. i prefer vine and when i drink a beer it is mostly a german brewed one from the north like BECK’S, JEVER or FLENSBURGER – it is important that the beer tasts dry. but when i went to MARUHN – THE WORLDS OF DRINKS some weeks ago i found this nice labeled bottles. i don’t know anything about their tast but i had to take’em with me because of the wonderful graphic design and the look. beside, i am excited too about the question of taste … all bottles contain PALE ALE … okay? let’s try! pics | LTG