i was really surprised when i got the package full of these utmost organic grooming products from the BROOKLYN SOAP COMPANY. rarely i got such a tasteful packed box and not to mention the look of the bottles – awesome! one of the best designs of grooming products i ever saw. and every bottle has its own handwritten paper which person from the company filled it up and a hand stamped date how long the product can be used – love this! this means something personal and human to me in this f***ing fast digital and cursory times. all products are “cooked home-style” with natural and organic ingredients. the statement “born in brooklyn – made in germany”, in HAMBURG, i do not understand really – couldn’t find any information about this. hm, anyway all products are developed and made in germany. the ingredients, even the bottles and the other hardware come from german manufactures. for more information please check their site. i got the bodywash, shampoo and beardwash – all products are since 3 days in use. the beard and the bodywash work perfect and the smell is really exciting fresh but at the same so smooth and cushy. with the shampoo i am a bit doubtful because i am using pomade, LAYRITE, a water soluble one, but i have to work it out hard. maybe i just have to take some more shampoo, hotter water … – i don’t know, i will test it. it is a pity that the pomade and the deodorant are sold out; curios to test these too. beside, in 2014 the company won the REDDOT AWARD – congrats! pics | LTG


when i wear no hat or cap i always use pomade. i do this such a long time that i can’t remember when i started greasing my hair. it needed years to find the right grease or rather the perfect combination: not to slicky but hard, not too hard, but firm, sometimes using some hairspray, … at the beginning i used classic pomades like ROYAL CROWN, DAX, SWEET GEORGIA BROWN and others. i was be cheesed of getting out these things of my hair. so i discovered and used a long time the classic AMERICAN CREW POMADE and i started to mix different sorts of AC products f.ex. POMADE with FIBER. the result was good but not perfect. one year ago i found the best combination ever: LAYRITE ORIGINAL DELUXE POMADE, 4 oz, mixed with BLACK DIAMOND POMADE, STRONG HOLD – absolute perfect. sometimes i combine LAYRITE with MR. DUCKTAIL POAMDE, this works perfect too. for extreme long hold i use the german classic SPRÜHGOLD. bad: combing after using spray isn’t possible anymore and makes bad looking. very important before combing: allocating the pomade with a special brush. since more than 5 years i use always one comb. this is made of carbon in japan. OLLI THE BARBER gave it some day as present to me. this is the best comb i ever had – and a pocket comb is always with me, even if i wear a hat – this is a must! bad pics | LTG