The days before Christmas I will post some present ideas for your wish list or maybe you will buy something special for a friend, brother, your dad or someone else. I will start with something really small and affordable but with most effect. Yesterday I went to Olli The Barber and got my cut refreshed. He gave me the new DAPPER DAN X-AMS EDITION pomade and the smell flashed me. I got the one with a Christmas glove scent – fantastic. There are 2 more scents: Christmas and cinnamon. These pomades are heavy weight and high quality made of wool and bees wax. The Christmas Edition is not the cheapest but guys these pomades rule and are really something special! More infos about the ingredients please check Pomade-Shop.de .pics | LTG


yesterday i got my order from pomadeshop.de. some weeks ago OLLI THE BARBER gave me a small box MR. DUCKTAIL pomade to try. i love the consistence and the smell of coke and citrus fresh. for home-using i ordered the big 400 ml /net. wt 14 oz box – wow i did not imagine that it would be so big. great – the caliber is about 14 cm! i think it will last some time. pics | LTG


when i wear no hat or cap i always use pomade. i do this such a long time that i can’t remember when i started greasing my hair. it needed years to find the right grease or rather the perfect combination: not to slicky but hard, not too hard, but firm, sometimes using some hairspray, … at the beginning i used classic pomades like ROYAL CROWN, DAX, SWEET GEORGIA BROWN and others. i was be cheesed of getting out these things of my hair. so i discovered and used a long time the classic AMERICAN CREW POMADE and i started to mix different sorts of AC products f.ex. POMADE with FIBER. the result was good but not perfect. one year ago i found the best combination ever: LAYRITE ORIGINAL DELUXE POMADE, 4 oz, mixed with BLACK DIAMOND POMADE, STRONG HOLD – absolute perfect. sometimes i combine LAYRITE with MR. DUCKTAIL POAMDE, this works perfect too. for extreme long hold i use the german classic SPRÜHGOLD. bad: combing after using spray isn’t possible anymore and makes bad looking. very important before combing: allocating the pomade with a special brush. since more than 5 years i use always one comb. this is made of carbon in japan. OLLI THE BARBER gave it some day as present to me. this is the best comb i ever had – and a pocket comb is always with me, even if i wear a hat – this is a must! bad pics | LTG