Damn, this soap is a Must-Have for GIN aficionados. What a great idea. The soap comes in a heavy old school apothecary bottle and a bronze optic hand pump – really significant. When washing your hands you first will smell wonderful citrus notes followed by the smell of cinchona, which is characteristic for every Tonic Water. After washing your hands you will smell a smart juniper taste. A great experience! And don’t worry, the soap is Ph-adjusted so that your hands stay smooth and fresh. It is made in Karlsruhe, Germany. The first batch was 2.000 pieces, all with hand written number and i got a repdigit: number 333. Lucky! A wonderful gift for every Gin lover … you can get it via pics | LTG


Last week  I got a big envelope. Thinking “What’s in there?” I checked the writing of the address … okay, this was written by someone who knows what he does: so nice! KIM “THE BUTCHER” SCHREINER send me something. But, not something: a gift pack of 2 illustrations “The Native Pack”, which contains two A3 nitroprints on recovered dead stock paper signed, numbered and embossed. I got #17 … f***ing amazing! And more … the envelope contained also two “Bull Piss” poster, format A3 limited to 51 pieces. These are Risoprints on Black Meta Paper … so awesome. One for me, one for Uwe Maier c/o Amtraq Distribution as a THX for something. And I got a lot of “BUTCHER” sticker, I love sticker, and these are really cool. Thx Kim! It was a pleasure to get all these things … thank you so much! Check Kim’s Online store and his website! What a great artist! pics | LTG | art | KIM “THE BUTCHER” SCHREINER


I think the best presents you must give to yourself. So the day after Santa Claus I got my first subscription delivery “WEIS’SE BESCHEID”. And, damn, I’m sorry, this two words can’t be translated in English – German words playing with the meaning. Fact is, I get the next time every month 6 different bottles of white vine to try – what an adventure. As a constant reader of LTG you should know that I am a passionated white vine drinker especially Riesling is one of my absolute favorites. “UNPLUGGED” and “WEISSES RAUSCHEN” from German vineyard TESCH or from MARKUS SCHNEIDER are f***ing great. But it is my nature to check always new things and so I am really happy to find GEILE WEINE with this special subscription. The best is that you can cancel your subscription monthly, you can change it to a smaller one or to a red vine one and so on. Check the site and the options. GEILE WEINE is run by a young, dynamic team. What a great gift for vine drinkers. And you must not do a subscription to try the different stuff they offer: GEILE WEINE present a lot of special packages sorted by themes as f.ex. ”Relaxing Package”, “Vine-Punk-Box”, “Super New Years Party”, “Box for Brothers”, “Men Special” or ”Movie Package”. Creative! pics | LTG