Something special today. Please excuse the “non-perfect” pics but I did not make these myself. My boot buddy from Facebook’s BootOC – Boot Owners Club – HOUTY send me this from his new unworn dead stock post World War II boots. Aren’t these wonderful? Best condition. He bought the boots in Amsterdam for – in German we  say: “Apfel und ein Ei” – …  an apple and an egg … what means very cheap.  Houty wrote me that the  boots are built as robust as the vintage German tank TIGER – and indeed, they look damn tight. The boots must be made in the early fifties; before this time German military boots had no laces: mybe you know the famous “Knobelbecher”. I think they are about 6″ high, have a massive profiled nailed VORWERK sole, leather insole, 6 eyelets and a metal shank at the toe. Houty put the laces of his vintage Red Wing’s Beckman to it. Best look – great deal! If you have some questions concerning to the boots, please feel free to contact Houty. pics | HOUTY



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