Red Wing Shoes and Denim, Denim and Red Wing Shoes … what a great match. Even more if the denim fits absolutely perfect to the boots you wear! Take a look at the blue line raw selvage denim from Tellason on these nice blue RWS Moc Toe Style #8882. Or Tellasons Ladbroke Grove in 16.5oz Cone Mills White Oak ORANGE line raw selvage denim and this limited Irish Setter 9877 customized by Brian Troung. The oro-legacy leather of iconic RWS style #875 and #877 would also fit the orange selvage perfectly. And at last the RWS x Eat Dust Pecos #4327 made of Oro-Russet Portage and Abilene leather combined with classic red selvage from Tellason’s Gustave in 14.75oz Cone Mills White Oak denim. It is such a great idea by Tellason Denim to give each denim weight another selvage color – isn’t it? And again – it is all about the details. You mean this is something for nerds? No, but for Red Wing lovers and Denim Dudes! Best addresses to live this passion: and pics | LTG


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