Because of the Pecos Post today @redwingfrankfurt on Instagram and Facebook I decided to do a more detailed post at LTG Blog. So you have some views how nice this great boot ages. The iconic Red Wing “PECOS” boot style has a long history. In 1930 this “pull on” boot was introduced especially at this time for ranchers, cowboys and drilling roughnecks. The Pecos features till today a simple but at the same time so nice and timeless design, has a very comfortable fit and the more it get rugged the better it looks – as you see in the pics below. This boot is still made the same way as in these early days with quality leathers in our factory in Red Wing. And the time when a Pecos was worn just for working is long ago. It is the perfect boot for the urban prairie, for biker or just to stroll around. At the end of the last year it was  launched a very special Pecos: this limited #4327 Red Wing x Eat Dust Pecos in this wonderful Oro russet Abilene roughout leather. The nicest Pecos ever I think! The Pecos is available at Red Wing Shoe Store Frankfurt online and in-store. AND it is strictly limited! pics | LTG + Jelle Keppens for Red Wing Heritage 


Red Wing Shoes and Denim, Denim and Red Wing Shoes … what a great match. Even more if the denim fits absolutely perfect to the boots you wear! Take a look at the blue line raw selvage denim from Tellason on these nice blue RWS Moc Toe Style #8882. Or Tellasons Ladbroke Grove in 16.5oz Cone Mills White Oak ORANGE line raw selvage denim and this limited Irish Setter 9877 customized by Brian Troung. The oro-legacy leather of iconic RWS style #875 and #877 would also fit the orange selvage perfectly. And at last the RWS x Eat Dust Pecos #4327 made of Oro-Russet Portage and Abilene leather combined with classic red selvage from Tellason’s Gustave in 14.75oz Cone Mills White Oak denim. It is such a great idea by Tellason Denim to give each denim weight another selvage color – isn’t it? And again – it is all about the details. You mean this is something for nerds? No, but for Red Wing lovers and Denim Dudes! Best addresses to live this passion: and pics | LTG



When doing my daily blog, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook check up, I found these so nice illustrations at the Twitter account of @OreNo2Che from Japan. As you know I am a great comic fan – what a perfect combination this Red Wing boots inspired Manga drawings. I like the way the iconic RWS styles PECOS, HUNTSMAN, 877, LOGGER and ENGINEER are drawn. Since days I try to find the source of the pics – no chance. It would be great to see the whole pictures, the complete format and not only clippings. But I thought that you would like these clippings as I do. pics | Twitter account @OreNo2Che


RED WINGS SHOES launch 3 new styles:
The Merchant STYLE #8061 in “Ebony Harness and STYLE #8062 in “Olive Mohave”.
The second release is the PECOS STYLE #8188 in “Brown Boomer” which is an exclusive style that is only available by selected dealers and the RED WING STORES.
And the last new styles are the Moc Toes #8137 in “Black Chrome” with a black Traction Tred sole and #8886 with a “Copper Rough & Tough” Leather also with a black Traction Tred sole.

Get your pair @ RED WING SHOE STORE FRANKFURT in store or Online 24/7/365. Kami and his Team are happy to see you and do some insider or maybe rookie Red Wing talk!

Here the story of THE MERCHANT: “Working as a merchant in Red Wing, Minnesota at the beginning of the 20th century, Charles Beckman experienced the need for durable and comfortable boots first-hand. In 1905, when he couldn’t find boots to meet his needs, he started his own shoe company: The Red Wing Shoe Company. More than a century later, Red Wing Shoes has now developed “the Merchant” as a tribute to Charles Beckman. The Merchant is based on traditional work boots from the 1920’s, when Red Wing started making boots without toe reinforcement to provide a more comfortable fit without stress points. In 1929 20 out of the 50 styles came without a toe-box. The “no toe-box” provides flexibility and comfort around the toe area. Style #245 from 1920 is the oldest and closest Red Wing work boot to the Merchant. Style #245 was called “black chief” and was made without a toe-box. The black chief came with a plain toe and was raw cut at the quarter edge.
The historical work boot most similar to the Merchant is style 245 from 1920, which was made without a toe-box, but instead featured a plain toe and raw cut at the quarter edge. The Merchant is built on the 8 last, which is also used for the Blacksmith. But because of the missing toe-box, the Merchant has a slimmer look and a lower toe profile than the Blacksmith.

The Pecos Boots: “Red Wing Shoe Company is perhaps best known for the work boots made for the farmers, miners, and sportsmen of the Upper Midwest but early on, we introduced another boot for a different group of workers in the American West. We had an office in Dallas, Texas as early as 1923 to serve the unique market of ranchers, cowboys and oil drilling roughnecks in the region. At the time, most of these workers wore pull-on riding boots, often with decorative stitching, and Red Wing responded with one of its own in the 1930s. By the 1950s, with typical Minnesota understatement, we did away with the decorative flourish and introduced a pull-on boot of our own devising.
This pull-on boot was given a new name, the Pecos, after a town in Texas and it evolved into one of our most popular styles. The renowned Red Wing durability worked as well on the ranches of the Southwest as they did the farms and fields of Minnesota. The appeal of the Pecos spread, thanks to its simple design, comfortable fit, and rugged good looks. Still made the same way with quality leathers in our factory in Red Wing, the Pecos is now seen on hardworking feet from coast to coast, both ends of the Mississippi, and everywhere in between. Call it a cowboy boot, with a Minnesota twist.”

The #8187 has a shaft ankle-length, is made of Hawthorne Muleskinner leather and got the iconic Red Wing Nitrile Cork Sole

Catalogue; about 1960

Iconic CLASSIC MOC TOES with that wonderful black sole! Love this look.



i did this post to show my buddy RON WELLDON how different the oro-russet color on RED WING SHOES could look like, because he asked me something about. so here you can see my oro-russet colored RWS line up. sure the color changes with every wear. it is certain that oro-russet gets darker. look at the vintage #855 and #877 irish setter. but even the new boots show some differences: #4558 and #2940. the #866 PECOS is vintage but not worn so often and it shows again another color. but as you know: we love this handmade stuff and i am really glad that the shoe color isn’t all the same. exciting. that’s one reason why i love to wear and own RED WING SHOES! pics | LTG


this RWS IRISH SETTER PECOS #866 in my favorite “ORO RUSSET” RED WING color is really hard to find today. i got this boot one year ago from a deadstock in the US or JAPAN – i can’t remember. i wear this one carefully with the awareness that i will never get such a great PECOS anymore. i love this boot and style far away from fashion and mainstream. this boot shows where RED WING SHOES come from – the PECOS is a RWS true iconic work boot!
date of buying | february 2011 DEADSTOCK from the 80ies
size | 10 D
height | 11 inch
leather | oro russet portage leather
leather color | oro russet
lace design | NO
sole | traction tred cushion crepe wedge, non marking
welt | goodyear leather welt
hardware | NO
steel toe | NO
category | work boot
made in the USA pics | LTG


a rugged “BOB THE BUILDER” boot. i own one, too, a rare one in the same color, the classic beautiful RED WING ORO RUSSET PORTAGE but in much better condition. hard to find toady. you just can get the 866 PECOS in RED WING “ORO-IGINAL” leather color. this 1980s RWS boot shown here is really nice broken in. pics | groovy clothing shop