when i sold my cargo BULLIT bike i had to check another possibility to transport larger shopping stuff when i am on the road with my SCHINDELHAUER. so i remembered me the days before i got my BULLIT: yes, in the closet there had be a big CANOE PACK from DULUTH. i knew why i did not sell this wonderful backpack. it’s unbelievable what you can put into this 19H x 18W x 6D pack. when i shop food i use a special basket which i bought with the pack. believe me, this is really practicable and easy to carry. the #2 CRUISER COMBO is made in the usa & guaranteed for life. by standard it is made in olive drab or waxed 18-ounce canvas but a lot of other colors from blue to orange are available too. for more information check the DULUTH site. be careful there are a lot of other must-have bags and packs … pics | LTG


in 2011 i bought a BULLIT cargobike as my citybike. at the end of 2013 i sold it because of its handling when parking at home and my office. i had to carry this wonderful but so heavy weight bike – about 24 kilograms – over a small distance that caused a lot of trouble to my back. my back pains got heavier day by day and so i needed a less weight bike. my choice was a SCHINDELHAUER bike. damn, what a beauty! i still love this look and comfort every time i ride my LUDWIG VIII with its 8-speed system and uncomplicated and best working GATES CARBON DRIVE belt. maybe you’ll say that you can’t compare a cargobike with all its benefits to a bike with an retro sprint racing track bike frame geometry and for sure you are right. but my back pain got so much better and for carrying my purchases i now use a #2 Cruiser Combo – Canoe Pack with a basket made in USA by DULUTH PACK. and believe me, this combination works perfects! i chose LUDWIG VIII in alu pur. the frame is made of “alu, triple butted aero tubing, dropouts with slider-belt-tensioning-system and Schindelhauer belt-port, integrated seat post clamp, smooth welded.“ and i love the contrast of the retro look and the modern GATES CARBON DRIVE “Center Track, front 55 / rear 22 teeth”. so nice details: take a look at the pedals and the saddle, the grips … the weight is about 11,2 kg. other highlights and eye catcher are the back lights integrated into the seat post and the wooden fenders. these are not standards and for sure not cheap but really must-haves … i love my bike so much! pics | LTG




damn, it was so hot yesterday – nearly 40°C in the shadow! but for a BULLIT cargo bike enthusiast this is not a problem; i have enough room to store cold drinks in my bike … so i joined the first BULLIT CARGO BIKE MEETING DARMSTADT which was organized by MARCUS STOECKEL c/o TWENTY INCH and his staff. thx for this, hope that there will be a second meeting soon. we did a short ride through the nearer odenwald and finished our tour at HOFGUT OBERFELD, where a vintage tractor meeting was – good choice of location by the way. about 10 darmstadt BULLIT-bikers were missing because of holidays and other commitments. hope we will be complete at the second meeting and  maybe there are some new BULLIT fans with us in the nearer future riding the BEST BIKE OF THE WORLD! you found OLLI THE BARBER on the pics? yeah, the man with the cool custom NIRVE e-bike … pics | LTG


damn, what’s that? unbelievable, but this is the UNOFFICIAL McQUEEN LIFESTYLE SITE: www.thekingofcool.com. this site is for all the hobby McQueens of you who have no idea and the phantasy where to collect the REAL STUFF. no, here is the marketplace where you can find all items at one website: from STEVE’s MUSTANG GT500 over his HANHART WATCH to his GREAT ESCAPE SWEAT TOP. and as a proof, all items are shown in books where STEVE is wearing the stuff – perfect, isn’t it? easy to be FRANK BULLIT now. some items are originals, some are cheap replicas and some items are pure merchandise, look at the ugly printed shirts … uurghh. but check yourself. for me this site is poor: “THE CLEARANCE OF THE KING OF COOL”. pics | www.thekingofcool.com


24 kg vs. 6 kg. 8 gear shimano vs. 20 gear campagnolo, BROOKS vs PROLOGO, aluminium vs carbon,
15 km/h average speed vs. 25, BULLIT fast cargobike vs. TIME VXRS … yep, i got my new bike.
and believe me at first it’s hard to drive but with every kilometer more you ride you get a lot of fun to
drive with. nose wheel steering is so difficult because of the long distance from the handlebar to the
front tyre. yesterday i picked it up at 20 INCH and in spite of a lot of working i did a 12 km ride to buy
a mobile garage for my BULLIT. while the sun was shining i did a smooth ride and enjoyed meter
per meter. thanks again MARCUS, owner of 20″, for best advice and KLAUS for arranging this kind
and competent contact. the smart old school customizing with white sidewall tires, BROOKS saddle and
leather handle bars will follow some more special odds. stay tuned! bad pics | Life Time Gear


MARCUS with a very special bike project  for ebike races