Some weeks ago I got this awesome “Grooming Package” from my soul brother Kornelius c/o, Berlin. The IRON SOCIETY POMADE he send me in all three versions, is from this day on my absolutely favorite pomade. The benefit is, that you just can use the type of pomade you need for the day. From firm hold – as its name says with a stronger grip – over a normal hold that keeps the hair under control for “that neat freshly combed look” to a water soluble pomade with a medium firm hold. All types have unbeatable smells: aromatic, fresh and clean but at the same very masculine and dirty – perfect. I get the best results by mixing the water soluble pomade with the firm hold one or the normal hold one. Another effect by mixing the classic petroleum based pomades with the water soluble one is, that the wash out works perfect. Each jar of pomade is handmade right there by the THE IRON SOCIETY in Brooklyn, NY, USA. In Germany you just can get these wonderful grooming products exclusively @, Berlin. With this LINK you can read a nice review from an absolute pomade expert from the great THE POMP blog. pics | LTG || film | THE POMP



Damn, aren’t these nice? This week Uwe E. Mair c/o AMTRAQ DISTRIBUTION gave me the new SINGLE POCKET LONG SLEEVE SHIRT by TELLASON in two different versions. The shirt is based on a dress shirt from the 1950s which TONY PATELLA, founder and co-owner of TELLASAON, got in his vintage collection. I love this authentic old-school look, with that big, masculine collar, one front pocket and the “heavy duty” finish. The dark navy one is made of an unwashed 7.5oz twill from japan. Take a look at the Corozo (ivory nut) buttons – so nice. The stripped shirt is made of a Cone Mills White Oak vintage reproduction 100% cotton fabric. Its look is smarter and the wear is it too … not so heavy duty. The fabric has a softer touch – very comfortable and a great look with its stripes. Same cut, but tow different wonderful shirts – both Made in San Francisco, California. For your last xmas buys check the TELLASON site. In Switzerland call or write to VMC and in Germany B74, Riders Room, Jeanslife, Denim&Iron, Bube&König, John Tweed and great Gentlemen’s Skateshop. By the way, the orange bandana is also from TELLASON, the red/white/blue one from Joe McCoy and the vests are made by JackKnife. pics | LTG



Yesterday I joined the summer party of B74 and LEICA Galerie in Frankfurt Main, Germany. It was such a nice party while the temperatures run up to 40°C / 104°F and more. On hour way home the instruments in the car showed  40.5°C outside … damn hot for a middle European. But the party was really cool, because KAMI owner and founder of B74 SELECTED GOODS, his team and the guys from LEICA did a really good job when they organized this event. Wonderful finger food corresponding to the hot summer weather, best service – i can’t remember me a minute without an ice cold water or lemon in my hand. I am a bit said that i could not meet the special guest Rainer W. Schlegelmilch. When I had to leave in the afternoon he still wasn’t there. Schlegelmilch is one of the most famous Formula 1 Photographers in the world. In the rooms of B74 there was an exhibition with examples of  Schlegelmilchs great work. I had the great pleasure to work with him in a project for a common client years ago. We did a Formula 1 calender. Yesterday you have had the chance to buy his book and to get a signature by the master himself. But no master, no book.  Although the weather was so damn hot a lot of people came and amazingly all people where in a good mood while sweating to the bones … pics | LTG


A few days ago I got the 2 bandanas I ordered from SJC. And I got what I expected: 2 awesome, smooth silk pieces, rich colored with wonderful and extraordinary old school graphics. I am really fascinated by the quality of the HARD LUCK & SAILORS DREAM called neckerchiefs. I think if you check the pics below you will feel the smoothness by your eyes. Look at the bright colors. Both are hand finished with rolled edges and stitched in contrasting thread to make the edges pop – love this kind of stitching! With this 2 pieces SIMON started his 2015/16 collection. With the beginning of this week his website got relaunched and is full packed with new stuff … damn had to order one piece more after checking this great stuff of jackets, chinos, shorts and denim. I just read this quite a minute ago:  SJC is featured in MEN’S FILE. No wonder, SIMON – compliments – you do a great job! pics | LTG


when i visited AKRAM founder and owner of KLAR in darmstadt, germany, last week he showed me these nice frames. AKRAM told me that he sells MASUNAGA since 2012 – hm, i did not know this … anyway, now i took notice of this wonderful classic frames which must be made with such a passion and precision – so nice to touch and put it on the nose. great. the look? perfect old school, timeless. MASUNAGA was founded in 1905 by GOZAEMON MASUNAGA in FUKUI, JAPAN where 97% of optical frames were once made. he wanted to produce glasses that are better than the rest of the country. he did: from this time on till today each piece of MASUNAGA eyewear is made by hand. the glasses are made with the finest materials including silver accents and polished japanese acetate.  MASUNAGA  glasses are well known for their details. i am still absolutely hooked by this wonderful simple, classic but modern look. check their website and the actual collections, the optical ones as well as the sunglasses and learn more infos about the brand. and for sure a MASUNAGA will be my next frame. pics | LTG



in 2011 i bought a BULLIT cargobike as my citybike. at the end of 2013 i sold it because of its handling when parking at home and my office. i had to carry this wonderful but so heavy weight bike – about 24 kilograms – over a small distance that caused a lot of trouble to my back. my back pains got heavier day by day and so i needed a less weight bike. my choice was a SCHINDELHAUER bike. damn, what a beauty! i still love this look and comfort every time i ride my LUDWIG VIII with its 8-speed system and uncomplicated and best working GATES CARBON DRIVE belt. maybe you’ll say that you can’t compare a cargobike with all its benefits to a bike with an retro sprint racing track bike frame geometry and for sure you are right. but my back pain got so much better and for carrying my purchases i now use a #2 Cruiser Combo – Canoe Pack with a basket made in USA by DULUTH PACK. and believe me, this combination works perfects! i chose LUDWIG VIII in alu pur. the frame is made of “alu, triple butted aero tubing, dropouts with slider-belt-tensioning-system and Schindelhauer belt-port, integrated seat post clamp, smooth welded.“ and i love the contrast of the retro look and the modern GATES CARBON DRIVE “Center Track, front 55 / rear 22 teeth”. so nice details: take a look at the pedals and the saddle, the grips … the weight is about 11,2 kg. other highlights and eye catcher are the back lights integrated into the seat post and the wooden fenders. these are not standards and for sure not cheap but really must-haves … i love my bike so much! pics | LTG




time to put the short sleeved shirts in front of the cupboard – it is getting warmer and warmer day by day here in middle germany. especially these four GITMAN VINTAGE shirts with their nautical prints i love so much. the dark blue ones with the ships and the bandana-like-pattern from the SS 2013 collection are much more heavy than the lightweight poplin shirts i got from last week. these two are so nice because of their old school nautical pattern. all new GITMAN stuff will be online @ the next days. the site will be relaunched soon with all the new stuff – check it. pics | LTG