damn, what a f***. i hate this senseless discussions about “to have a beard” or “to have not a beard” or “is a beard just fashion, a hipster thing or not”. F*** off, for those who speak and discuss about such a holy shit it is indeed fashion shit. best are men who ask their friends or girlfriend if they should grow a beard: shame on you, pussies! a beard should be a part of you, something you wear with proud, something you wear with total conviction. a beard is not a shirt or a sock you change everyday … it is something individual. look at the pics below from the new german men magazine “MANUAL”. again this shitty discussion. and take a look at the poor man with out his beard. all forms of beards and mustaches made him looking so individual. after a complete shaving he says himself: “I feel like a man without a face”. yes, sir you are so right, but ask your girl friend if you should let grow a beard again. great the statement at the end of the story of the magazine:“for future times: topless is the new cool”. maybe: for pussies and hipster … believe me, i wear my beard more than 25 years, sometimes shorter,  sometimes longer and in 24 years no one talked and wrote about beards so much as in the last 12 months – it is boring, it gets on my nervs, i hate it! pics | © MANUAL MAGINE #01


there is a new clothing label, and i do not want to write down its name again, because i do not want to do marketing for a label which tries to get attention at any price with bad taste pics. i really wonder that nobody of the enthusiastic readers of this german men magazine showed any reaction reffering to this ad: an execution commando at work. i think because of the label name the pic is from the SPANISH CIVIL WAR. international brigades fought against FRANCO and the fascism federations supported by a.h. & mussolini. the ad was done by the editor of this men magazine and owner of the label. okay … what wants the maker of the ad say to me? „männer brauchen ideale” – “men do need ideals”. ahm, well, …? sorry, maybe i am too stupid, but i do not understand. okay, fighting against fascism is always a good thing. is this the quintessence of the headline corresponding to the picture? still bad taste. for me it is not correct to do marketing for a fashion label in this way. not political – absolutely in need of an explanation. and beside, the motive is terrible. think about the family of this man waiting to be killed in a moment. what will be the next motive? i can’t write what i am thinking about this. isn’t there any sensitiveness today? i’am really disappointed about all the readers who just accept such a f***ing shit without any comment. this is not heritage, vintage, cool or something like that. blame on you! …