berlin based mens outfitter Burg & Schild and swedish denim brand INDIGOFERA did a collab. the idea behind this, is so simple as perfect: what do you really need for a bike trip? yes: a pair of jeans, a hoodie, a vest and a blanket. this is what they did. check the amazing film where the boys bring these iconic items to the streets in sweden. vid | Burg & Schild // Indigofera

Iconic Items – On the Road in Sweden from Burg & Schild on Vimeo.


there is a new clothing label, and i do not want to write down its name again, because i do not want to do marketing for a label which tries to get attention at any price with bad taste pics. i really wonder that nobody of the enthusiastic readers of this german men magazine showed any reaction reffering to this ad: an execution commando at work. i think because of the label name the pic is from the SPANISH CIVIL WAR. international brigades fought against FRANCO and the fascism federations supported by a.h. & mussolini. the ad was done by the editor of this men magazine and owner of the label. okay … what wants the maker of the ad say to me? „männer brauchen ideale” – “men do need ideals”. ahm, well, …? sorry, maybe i am too stupid, but i do not understand. okay, fighting against fascism is always a good thing. is this the quintessence of the headline corresponding to the picture? still bad taste. for me it is not correct to do marketing for a fashion label in this way. not political – absolutely in need of an explanation. and beside, the motive is terrible. think about the family of this man waiting to be killed in a moment. what will be the next motive? i can’t write what i am thinking about this. isn’t there any sensitiveness today? i’am really disappointed about all the readers who just accept such a f***ing shit without any comment. this is not heritage, vintage, cool or something like that. blame on you! …


i am really happy to get one of 60 pairs that came strictly limited to europe, because this boot is an absolut must-have-collector-item. the boot is only available @ RED WING STORES. thx KAY from RW STORE BERLING & HAMBURG for reserving the boot. the 9877 was previously sold in JAPAN beside some other styles in that beautiful color: SEQUOIA GOLD. i did a post in october 2011: BOOT OF THE DAY | #91 | LIMITED RED WING BOOT 9871. the 9877 features some details of the first IRISH SETTER production in 1952. so the SEQUOIA colored leather is the original one followed by the famous oro-iginal. only at the top of right boot there are stamped RED WING letters: no corporate wing logo on the boot except the sole which is exactly the same on both boots. inside the 9877 there is the old version of the IRISH SETTER tag – beautiful! boot and RED WING SHOE experts sure will notice the square stitched corners where the leather is fixed to the tongue – an outstanding detail. the boot comes with heavy leather laces and in a wonderful IRISH SETTER labeled box. by the way, the 877 has on another very nice detail: on every eyelet the letters RED WING are engraved. the 877 will leave my collection. my friend PZ will adopt this really nice walked in boot. so i know these boots will be in good hands … pics | LTG