Damn, this soap is a Must-Have for GIN aficionados. What a great idea. The soap comes in a heavy old school apothecary bottle and a bronze optic hand pump – really significant. When washing your hands you first will smell wonderful citrus notes followed by the smell of cinchona, which is characteristic for every Tonic Water. After washing your hands you will smell a smart juniper taste. A great experience! And don’t worry, the soap is Ph-adjusted so that your hands stay smooth and fresh. It is made in Karlsruhe, Germany. The first batch was 2.000 pieces, all with hand written number and i got a repdigit: number 333. Lucky! A wonderful gift for every Gin lover … you can get it via pics | LTG


Men, this toothpaste has not just a nice package, no, the taste is also really great. And beside this it is healthy, gives you a fresh breath and bright wight teeth. Kornelius Werhahn-Mees c/o SOULOBJECTS, Berlin, send me this wonderful parabene free toothpaste with a lot of other things to try some weeks ago and I must confess that this is the next highlight out of the box. Unbelievable that PASTA EL CAPITANO was introduced in Italy in 1905. Because of its wonderful and unique taste the toothpaste got very fast well known in Italy. The basic ingredients are green mints, cinnamon and clove leaves. SOULOBJECTS offers four sorts of PASTA EL CAPITANO beside the ORIGINAL: Natural Herbs, ACE, Whitening and Smokers. For more and detailed information please check the SOULOBJECTS website. I tried the toothpaste with a new KOH-I-NOOR toothbrush Kornelius also send me. Normally I clean my teeth with an electric toothbrush but I must confess that the KOH-I-NOOR cleaning was really genial. For sure Kornelius send me with this toothbrush another classic from the 1930s with natural bristles and an old school horn look. Made in Italy too. A great combination to get clean teeth and a fresh breath – this makes fun! pics | LTG 


there is a new clothing label, and i do not want to write down its name again, because i do not want to do marketing for a label which tries to get attention at any price with bad taste pics. i really wonder that nobody of the enthusiastic readers of this german men magazine showed any reaction reffering to this ad: an execution commando at work. i think because of the label name the pic is from the SPANISH CIVIL WAR. international brigades fought against FRANCO and the fascism federations supported by a.h. & mussolini. the ad was done by the editor of this men magazine and owner of the label. okay … what wants the maker of the ad say to me? „männer brauchen ideale” – “men do need ideals”. ahm, well, …? sorry, maybe i am too stupid, but i do not understand. okay, fighting against fascism is always a good thing. is this the quintessence of the headline corresponding to the picture? still bad taste. for me it is not correct to do marketing for a fashion label in this way. not political – absolutely in need of an explanation. and beside, the motive is terrible. think about the family of this man waiting to be killed in a moment. what will be the next motive? i can’t write what i am thinking about this. isn’t there any sensitiveness today? i’am really disappointed about all the readers who just accept such a f***ing shit without any comment. this is not heritage, vintage, cool or something like that. blame on you! …