damn, so much work here the last days. sorry for the blog post delay, but it’s even better: it’s more than 4 weeks ago i picked up these 2 great motive shirts made by BRACK CUSTOM GRAPHICS @ vollls.de. i didn’t have the time to take off the price tags. okay, i decided to do a blog post before i will remove the tags … so it happened this evening – finally. you must know, i’m not really a friend of motive shirts, but there are some exceptions like the one – for sure not all prints! – from f.ex. JOHNSON MOTORS, FAT BOY CLOTHING, CXXVI CLOTHING CO or THE REAL McCOYS. when i saw these special drag race retro shirts for the first time at a facebook post done by my buddy KLAUS VOLL, i knew i must get these as a huge us car and custom culture aficionado. the shirts are made by HARRY BRACK, a graphic designer „who grew up in the 1970s surrounded by Hanna Barbera, Hot Wheels and monsters. Influenced by artists such as Robert Williams, Jim Phillips, Jim Flora and others, his greatest inspiration today comes from the subculture, particularly the car and motorcycle clubs, garages and the racing festival he is organizing. He is specialized in illustration and silk screen printing. Since 1993 he’s creating custom designs for rock bands, clothing brands and for the hot rod and motorcycle culture. In 2009 he opened the Harry Damson Speed Shop in Berlin together with his buddy FRANK DAMSON as a hotspot for designers and enthusiasts of the classic car and motorcycle culture. HARRY DAMSON started as an outlet for his t-shirt brand BRACK KUSTOM GRAPHICS and fellow artists who create fine art, clothings and crafts.” the art work and the contents of this are really great. the blue shirt shows the famous 1965s MELROSE MISSILE, PLYMOUTH and the natural white one DON COOK’S DAMN YANKEE CUDA who was driven by PAT FOSTER. beside, the quality of the shirts is amazing … available @ volls.de, not online but just give KLAUS an email or a call. pics | LTG


this hand made necktie by great BELA c/o HEPVILLE CUSTOM CLOTHING is the 4th one i own. wonderful! i got it today, took a look and i must tell you: it is perfect. the necktie is made of 100% cotton, hand sewn shut with hidden slip stitch, pre-washed by hand to soften the fabric, 144 cm (57″) long, 7,5 cm (2 7/8″) at the widest point. it’s a must to check BELA’s ETSY site: HEPVILLE. isn’t this a nice combination in the pics below: vest | POST OVERALLS, shirt | ENGINEERED GARMENTS, necktie | HEPVILLE CUSTOM CLOTHING … pics | LTG


there is a new clothing label, and i do not want to write down its name again, because i do not want to do marketing for a label which tries to get attention at any price with bad taste pics. i really wonder that nobody of the enthusiastic readers of this german men magazine showed any reaction reffering to this ad: an execution commando at work. i think because of the label name the pic is from the SPANISH CIVIL WAR. international brigades fought against FRANCO and the fascism federations supported by a.h. & mussolini. the ad was done by the editor of this men magazine and owner of the label. okay … what wants the maker of the ad say to me? „männer brauchen ideale” – “men do need ideals”. ahm, well, …? sorry, maybe i am too stupid, but i do not understand. okay, fighting against fascism is always a good thing. is this the quintessence of the headline corresponding to the picture? still bad taste. for me it is not correct to do marketing for a fashion label in this way. not political – absolutely in need of an explanation. and beside, the motive is terrible. think about the family of this man waiting to be killed in a moment. what will be the next motive? i can’t write what i am thinking about this. isn’t there any sensitiveness today? i’am really disappointed about all the readers who just accept such a f***ing shit without any comment. this is not heritage, vintage, cool or something like that. blame on you! …


since the first time i saw the work of NY based JON CONTINO i am a fan of his graphics and designs. this happened, i don’t know exactly, about 3 years ago, when i discovered the CXXVI Clothing site. it was amazing for me because i never saw such really nice and individual hand drawn types and graphic works before. so i was really happy to find these iphone cases with the classic CONTINO motives WHISKEY & CAPE HORN 2 weeks ago. the whale was on my first shirt  i ordered at CXXVI. it got a really rugged vintage look over the years and i still love it from the day on when i took it out of the parcel. the cases look better than they fit. it is hard to get the phone in and out of the case – whatever, they look great and the touch is okay too. and the price is okay! you can order these cases or with other motives and more CONTINO stuff at SOCIETY 6 . shipping to europe is 10 US$. pics | LTG


damn, what a wonderful shirt! found this @ GOODHOOD store in GB. love the naive mushroom embroidery combination with this classic 1955 SAWTOOTH denim western shirt. for those who did not know: “SAWTOOTH” comes from “ the distinct pocket flaps that resemble the teeth of an old-fashioned saw blade”. the shirt features: 100% Cotton, 2 Chest Pockets,Distinctive ‘Sawtooth’ Pocket Flaps, Authentic Western Yoke Detailing, Pearl Snap Buttons, ‘Levi’s Western Wear’ Label, Mushroom Motif Embroidery on Placket,  Pockets and the Rear, it is Slim Fit … pics | goodhood