Hi guys, for sure you recognized that blogging last time was focused on B74 Selected Goods. This is easy to explain. Since years the B74 Concept Store located in Frankfurt “Mainhattan” and my Design Agency are working together and with the conception and the Art Direction of the B74 Selected Goods Online Shop this great teamwork got more intensive. Now while the shop is going its own first steps but my work is not finished. As a constant Crew member I will support the B74 in all Social Media activities like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the new B74 Blog linked to the new Online Store. I will also try to do post “pure” Life Time Gear posts in future but there will always be an interaction between and/ I hope a win-win-situation! Today I did my second blogpost with such nice photos we got directly from FILSON. Here just some of this nice shots. More @ the blog-site. pics | © FILSON