Since three months I am the proud owner of a new BMW R nineT Srambler. One of the best decisions I did the last years – after a 19 years break I decided to ride a motorbike again. And believe me the “Scrambler” is such a great bike: So powerful with its 110 ps and 1200 ccm, so nice with its puristic look and heritage design. For me the perfect bike – absolutely. In 2021 BMW will launch the next range R nineT models with new designs, technical innovations and serial extras. Very interesting, but if I really like the new designs especially of the Scrambler … hm …  I don’t know, but feel free to take a peek. Reduced to the max and most plainness I choose a pure brushed aluminium tank which is still available as an extra 😉 For more and detailed information please visit BMW Motorrad

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Me and my Scrambler …


After heavy trouble with my back I started the running year 2016 this week with two short runs about 8 kilometers. Last summer I found this damn wonderful gadget RUNBELL, but I did not found the right time to do a blog post about. Now I do, because of using it the first time today. All the time my wonderful RUNBELL was still in its case. I start all my runs straight from the Life Time Gear central in the middle of my hometown. It is really annoying that all 3 meters I have to shout “Attention please”, “Soooooorry”, “please make way”, … but with my RUNBELL, I just have to flip my fingers – it works great! Perfect – I enjoy it so much. It is perfect for the urban runner and also in the forest or the fields if you pass walker and especially dog walker. The RUNBELL is sold in 2 different materials: gold and copper. When I bought mine copper was sold out. But the golden one doesn’t look so bad at all. You can customize your RUNBELL sizes – they designed RUNBELL to be slightly oversized to fit even large hands comfortably. They supply two pairs of silicone inserts with every RUNBELL, so the ring size can be reduced to fit every finger perfectly. On cold days you can leave out the insert and wear RUNBELL over the glove – so I did today. It is hand made in TOKYO, Japan. Please check the RUNBELL site for much more interesting and also funny stuff. pics | LTG