Since three months I am the proud owner of a new BMW R nineT Srambler. One of the best decisions I did the last years – after a 19 years break I decided to ride a motorbike again. And believe me the “Scrambler” is such a great bike: So powerful with its 110 ps and 1200 ccm, so nice with its puristic look and heritage design. For me the perfect bike – absolutely. In 2021 BMW will launch the next range R nineT models with new designs, technical innovations and serial extras. Very interesting, but if I really like the new designs especially of the Scrambler … hm …  I don’t know, but feel free to take a peek. Reduced to the max and most plainness I choose a pure brushed aluminium tank which is still available as an extra 😉 For more and detailed information please visit BMW Motorrad

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Me and my Scrambler …


When I heard about this release I was really surprised. The last years I was so proud to own a special CAMOU RED WING MOC TOE Style #8150 – please check my Blog post from January 2012. And the only other owners of this extra ordinary boot I know are Kami Hashemi himself, owner of RED WING STORE FRANKFURT, and Peter Heckman from HECKMAN STORE in Darmstadt, Germany. Okay, now there will be second edition of this special boot: the #8884. Again RED WING uses a MOSSY OAK® Camouflage pattern. The new #8884 comes with black/brown 41″ laces instead of the classic yellow tan laces my #8150 has had and the pattern is not so colorful, it is more brown, more autumnal with leaves that conjures the forests in autumn like the ones around Red Wing in southern Minnesota. Every boot will unique, because of showing other pattern details. The #8884 boot still sports the 6-inch triple-stitched leather upper, Traction Tred rubber outsole and Goodyear welt construction. I am really excited how this Camouflage boot will be accepted by the RED WING aficionados – thrilling. I love this design still for sure, but I am just a bit disappointed that my #8150 is not anymore something outstanding ;-). Come on guys and get your CAMOU MOC @ RED WING SHOE STORE FRANKFURT online or in-store from today on. pics | Red Wing Heritage | Life Time Gear






The news in RED WING SHOES don’t stop this end of summer. Today, October 1st, the new “ROUGHNECK” Style #2942 is launched. The new boot with its clean lines, simple construction and classic round toe styling is exclusively available just at RED WING STORES around Europe.The #2942 features the for Red Wing Boots known Copper Rough and Tough leather, a durable Vibram® Lug outsole, which is perfect for winter conditions, and a triple stitched quality and Goodyear welt construction. Hooks and eyelets are made of nickel and for sure the boot has a leather insole.

For those who want to know something about the history of this new RWS Boot: “In America’s 20th century, the bold and hardworking men who labored on oil rigs had one of the most dangerous occupations around. In order to do their jobs in these hazardous conditions the men needed to be tough and have a taste for challenging work. These traits were how oil rig workers received the nickname, “Roughnecks.” Inspired by these hardworking roughnecks, Red Wing’s Round Lug styles were built not only to look tough, but act tough. Their distinctively rugged appearance is enhanced by our classic Roughneck leather.

Get your new RED WING ““ROUGHNECK” at RED WING SHOE STORE FRANKFURT online 7/24 or in-store. I think this boot has all to get an iconic one! pics | Red Wing Heritage



A few days days ago I visited UWE E. MAIER, owner and founder of AMTRAQ DISTRIBUTION in Frankfurt, Germany. He showed me some news, presented in his wonderful showroom – I love to be there … it is like a men’s playground for dry goods. Among other beautiful and exciting stuff I found this wonderful TELLASON jacket coming up next Spring/Summer Season: the 14.75 OZ CHORE COAT. Chore coats, were emerged in the early 20th century, worn by the blue-collar classes of American farmers and factory workers. The guys from TELLASON did a new take on the good old work jacket made of Cone Mills White Oak red line raw selvedge denim. Featuring 2 big lower patched pockets, 1 chest pocket with flap and button and one chest pocket with pen slot. Check the so nice selvedge detail at center seam inside the jacket and nice rounded collar. Like this off white single needle top stitching. Aren’t the original copper patent buttons awesome? So much great details. This new classic will be in the stores from January 2017 onwards. pics | LTG


RED WINGS SHOES launch 3 new styles:
The Merchant STYLE #8061 in “Ebony Harness and STYLE #8062 in “Olive Mohave”.
The second release is the PECOS STYLE #8188 in “Brown Boomer” which is an exclusive style that is only available by selected dealers and the RED WING STORES.
And the last new styles are the Moc Toes #8137 in “Black Chrome” with a black Traction Tred sole and #8886 with a “Copper Rough & Tough” Leather also with a black Traction Tred sole.

Get your pair @ RED WING SHOE STORE FRANKFURT in store or Online 24/7/365. Kami and his Team are happy to see you and do some insider or maybe rookie Red Wing talk!

Here the story of THE MERCHANT: “Working as a merchant in Red Wing, Minnesota at the beginning of the 20th century, Charles Beckman experienced the need for durable and comfortable boots first-hand. In 1905, when he couldn’t find boots to meet his needs, he started his own shoe company: The Red Wing Shoe Company. More than a century later, Red Wing Shoes has now developed “the Merchant” as a tribute to Charles Beckman. The Merchant is based on traditional work boots from the 1920’s, when Red Wing started making boots without toe reinforcement to provide a more comfortable fit without stress points. In 1929 20 out of the 50 styles came without a toe-box. The “no toe-box” provides flexibility and comfort around the toe area. Style #245 from 1920 is the oldest and closest Red Wing work boot to the Merchant. Style #245 was called “black chief” and was made without a toe-box. The black chief came with a plain toe and was raw cut at the quarter edge.
The historical work boot most similar to the Merchant is style 245 from 1920, which was made without a toe-box, but instead featured a plain toe and raw cut at the quarter edge. The Merchant is built on the 8 last, which is also used for the Blacksmith. But because of the missing toe-box, the Merchant has a slimmer look and a lower toe profile than the Blacksmith.

The Pecos Boots: “Red Wing Shoe Company is perhaps best known for the work boots made for the farmers, miners, and sportsmen of the Upper Midwest but early on, we introduced another boot for a different group of workers in the American West. We had an office in Dallas, Texas as early as 1923 to serve the unique market of ranchers, cowboys and oil drilling roughnecks in the region. At the time, most of these workers wore pull-on riding boots, often with decorative stitching, and Red Wing responded with one of its own in the 1930s. By the 1950s, with typical Minnesota understatement, we did away with the decorative flourish and introduced a pull-on boot of our own devising.
This pull-on boot was given a new name, the Pecos, after a town in Texas and it evolved into one of our most popular styles. The renowned Red Wing durability worked as well on the ranches of the Southwest as they did the farms and fields of Minnesota. The appeal of the Pecos spread, thanks to its simple design, comfortable fit, and rugged good looks. Still made the same way with quality leathers in our factory in Red Wing, the Pecos is now seen on hardworking feet from coast to coast, both ends of the Mississippi, and everywhere in between. Call it a cowboy boot, with a Minnesota twist.”

The #8187 has a shaft ankle-length, is made of Hawthorne Muleskinner leather and got the iconic Red Wing Nitrile Cork Sole

Catalogue; about 1960

Iconic CLASSIC MOC TOES with that wonderful black sole! Love this look.



Some weeks ago I spoke to Kim “The Butcher” Schreiner, if he could do an illustration for a shirt I wanted to give as a present to the D-youth Football Team DJK/SSG Darmstadt 1921, Germany, where I am the goalkeeper and assistant coach. Why Kim? I saw his work @ his facebook account and  I love it! Beside I own a shirt with an illustration he did. A great shirt against rasicm – you still can order this at Waste and Broke. OK – and Kim just said “Yes, for sure”. Great: said, done. Just 2 weeks later after our phone talk he send me the final artwork of the DJK/SSG illustration. Damn nice: an eagle – the heraldic animal of DJK/SSG Darmstadt – combined with a classic football. P E R F E C T ! With my buddy and neighbor Malte, owner of “” c/o hi5 GmbH, a best quality t-shirt printer was found quickly. I took little Levi and Malte’s son Lasse with me when I shot a “Making of” while the t-shirts were printed – both kicked for DJK/SSG Darmstadt former times and were curios about the print result. So speedy: 3 weeks after the first contact to Kim, the shirts got produced. Kim & Malte thx again for your great and fast support! So I could give the team and Coach Markus their t-shirts before school holidays and we finish the season 2015/16 in July. The guys were so happy with their new t-shirts … check the pics …
pics | LTG | artwork | Kim “The Butcher” Schreiner

Kim “The Butcher” Schreiner @ big cartel THE BUTCHER SHOPPE
To get an impression of The Butchers artwork check his Facebook page
For more information about the one of the best t-shirt print production check


This 1ST PAT-RN jacket is for sure one of my most beloved pieces. It is manufactured in Veneto, Italy, from the iconic and exclusive “Cavalry di Maglia” fabric, the backbone of 1ST PAT-RN. They offer an alternative woven knitted fabric which keeps the shape due to a special jersey instead of a woven lining. I love the mix of the casual fabric and the timeless, classic cut with these wonderful copper buttons issued from Italian Navy supplier on the front and cuffs. – inspired by heritage workwear and military style. Some more facts: 100% Cotton | Hopsack Di Maglia Knitted Fabric | Naval Copper Buttons | Three Front Pockets | Two Internal Pockets | Working Button Cuff | Made in Italy. I know that you get the VITTORIO VENETO Jacket @ superdenim, cultizm, kafka, The Bureau Belfast, Franz und Emil und B74. pics | LTG


Men, this toothpaste has not just a nice package, no, the taste is also really great. And beside this it is healthy, gives you a fresh breath and bright wight teeth. Kornelius Werhahn-Mees c/o SOULOBJECTS, Berlin, send me this wonderful parabene free toothpaste with a lot of other things to try some weeks ago and I must confess that this is the next highlight out of the box. Unbelievable that PASTA EL CAPITANO was introduced in Italy in 1905. Because of its wonderful and unique taste the toothpaste got very fast well known in Italy. The basic ingredients are green mints, cinnamon and clove leaves. SOULOBJECTS offers four sorts of PASTA EL CAPITANO beside the ORIGINAL: Natural Herbs, ACE, Whitening and Smokers. For more and detailed information please check the SOULOBJECTS website. I tried the toothpaste with a new KOH-I-NOOR toothbrush Kornelius also send me. Normally I clean my teeth with an electric toothbrush but I must confess that the KOH-I-NOOR cleaning was really genial. For sure Kornelius send me with this toothbrush another classic from the 1930s with natural bristles and an old school horn look. Made in Italy too. A great combination to get clean teeth and a fresh breath – this makes fun! pics | LTG 


As a passionated CAMARO lover I got touched so much by this news. It sounds quite simple what CR SUPERCARS® does, but it is so amazing and much more than just putting some high-tech stuff to an older car. NO – CR SUPERCARS® never loose the responsibility for the classic and heritage look and philosophie of the original they work with: „CR Supercars is a new division of Classic Recreations and is dedicated to building turn-key supercars with styling from classic American muscle cars mated to the latest high-tech engine and chassis components. The result is an incredible pro touring car with desirable lines of the most classic muscle car in history.” Right now they presented their 1969 CAMARO project “CR1” @ SEMA. The look of the blue „recreated“ CAMARO is damn nice but you can choose between 7 colors. My favorite? No discussion: orange. You can upgrade this beast with a LS9 GM Performance to 685 H.P! There are a lot of specs which make your Chevy or Muscle Car heart beat so fast … the price also, but I am sure the money is better invested in a CR1 CAMARO than in so many todays soulless f***ing expensive sportcars which look so similar … pics |


At first just a “Must-Have-Thing” because of BYRDs the wonderful classic and simple design. Love this. But now – a “Must-Have-Thing” because of the perfect use and results. Found these great pomades @ Soul Objects, Berlin, Germany – where else? And my secret of the perfect use is to use both pomades at the same time – just mixed up. This is an unbeatable mixture in look and hold. Usually I don’t like water-based pomades so much because if you did your style, your pomp must last for the rest of the day. When you use a wax based one you always can re-style your pomp or hairdo, but sometimes you need the hold of a water based pomade … so … easy … mix’em up. And I love the citron smell of both so much. What a nice discovery! Thx soul brother Kornelius for offering this great shit made in California, USA, in Berlin and your Online Store! About the pocket comb beside its great look and design: These are made in collaboration with “FUTURE FINS”: “BYRD’S POCKET COMB IS DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN CALIFORNIA UTILIZING A VERSATILE COMPOSITE FROM FUTURES’ LEGENDARY SURFBOARD FINS. THIS MATERIAL IS DURABLE,  FLEXIBLE AND COMFORTABLE TO USE WITH ALL HAIR TYPES.” What should I say? Perfect in use too. Men, get your yellow/black BYRD stuff … you will not have regrets … pics | LTG