he guys, today KAMI c/o B-74 told me that the line up for the 5TH birthday event of the shop is fixed. happy to hear that FEINSCHMUCK and PassionFrance® will be in FRANKFURT next saturday 30TH NOVEMBER. FEINSCHMUCK will show a lot of works and the upcoming new collection 2014. WOLFGANG from c/o PassionFrance® will show a selected range of his unique knives. i know what he will bring with him – exciting! so much to see, so much to tell. the event starts at about 12:00 and will end at 20:00. check the schedule below with DUKES, who will do belt customizing, live music by ROB LONGSTAFF, customized worscht, meat & sauces by WURSTFONTAENE and RAKELLE. see you at BERLINER STRASSE 74 in frankfurt next saturday! The pics show some nice works from FEINSCHMUCK, DUKES and PassionFrance i am happy to own. pics | LTG 


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