it’s getting warmer in middle germany and springtime is coming. time to get some fresh cycle stuff as a stimulation to get on the bike. it is nearly 15 years ago that i got my first ASSOS clothes: the best stuff you can wear in cycling sports – especially the sensational unbeatable cycling shorts, bibs and knickers. and this is not a promise but a fact! last time the designs of the jerseys got more technic – me, i prefer the classic designs without too much graphics. the new SS.neopro jerseys i like a lot, especially the USA shirt. you can get a nation jersey from france, germany, italy, UK and USA. new: also available dutch, belgium, luxembourg and canada. and the best is that these shirts are made out of a textile which is made of 100% recycled pet bottles. great idea! check to get more information and beside you can get a lot of infos about the new ASSOS CYCLING SHORT _S7 GENERATION, because “THE GAME HAS CHANGED, AGAIN: THE COMFORT REVOLUTION CONTINUES”. pics | LTG | CYLE & MODEL PHOTOS ©ASSOS

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