When doing my daily blog, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook check up, I found these so nice illustrations at the Twitter account of @OreNo2Che from Japan. As you know I am a great comic fan – what a perfect combination this Red Wing boots inspired Manga drawings. I like the way the iconic RWS styles PECOS, HUNTSMAN, 877, LOGGER and ENGINEER are drawn. Since days I try to find the source of the pics – no chance. It would be great to see the whole pictures, the complete format and not only clippings. But I thought that you would like these clippings as I do. pics | Twitter account @OreNo2Che


Today the RED WING HERITAGE WOMEN’S COLLECTION was launched. The next days I will show you the different lines and boots this collection offers our ladies. I will start with the “LEGACY” line which includes one style in two different colorways: the GLORIA. Red Wing Shoes says: “At Red Wing Shoes we’re incredibly proud of our 110-year history of making footwear of the finest quality and craftsmanship. The purpose of our Legacy Collection is to honor and build upon that history with progressive designs inspired by our boots of yesteryear. These were the very boots worn by women shaping and defining the 20th century, optimized for utmost comfort, wearability, and durability.” The GLORIA is available in a ”black boundary leather” which is style #3385 and a very nice brown named “mahogany oro-iginal leather” which is style #3386 and one of my absolute favorites of the new women’s collection. The used No. 109 last is based on Red Wing Shoe Company’s first style for women, the Gloria, carefully updated for a modern look and feel. You’ll get the RED WING HERITAGE WOMEN’S COLLECTION @ RED WING FRANKFURT in store and online, the other RWS shops around the world and selected RWS dealer. pics | Red Wing Shoes


Some weeks ago I went to a small fair in Mainz which travels through Germany the “Stijl DesignMarkt”. There I met one of the Elwert Brothers and picked up a new GIN and a liquor made of 11 precious herbs called GYLD. After I tried both I must tell you that both are amazing – the taste is very well. GYLD is a well balanced mix of german and some foreign herbs f. ex. ginger, vanilla, cardamom and star anis. The taste is so unique and smooth. As I remember the father of the Elwerts was a pharmacist in 3rd-generation in Böhmenkirch near Augsburg, Bavaria, and he developed and sold this liquor to the folks who appreciated now named GYLD as a well healing medicine: A so called “Lebenselixir” in german – an elixir for life. 2013 the Elwert brothers began to promote GYLD in a new and temporary way. Furthermore they created a new DRY GIN named “GOLDBERNER” and the peppermint liquor “WEISSER PFEFFER” (white pepper). The peppermint liquor I did not tried yet. “GOLDBERNER” is a wonderful fresh and natural tasting GIN done from the ingredients and botanicals of GYLD with an incisive note of juniper and spurs of orange peel. I love the really fruity taste of this 45 Vol. % strong Dry Gin. Guys – just taste it. The Elwert Brothers have a well designed website where you can order this tasty stuff: 
pics | LTG


Guys, it’s getting winter here in middle Germany. No more Oxfords without socks. Time to sock up with socks that don’t suck. Beside my Red Wing Shoes socks and CHUPS I always wear in all my boots from Alden over Rocky Heritage Boots to White’s these four pairs of ANONYMOUS ISM are the first I’ll try. The Anchor Socks are not really made for extreme cold conditions but perfect for fall. The camouflage ones are really thick and warm – and so cozy! The unique socks of ANONYMOUS ISM are woven on looms from the 1970s in a Japanese manufacture. Made from natural materials and thick yarns the socks are produced in distinct colors and peerless patterns. By built of the looms and use of quality yarns the efficiency of the machinery is limited to less than 50 pairs of these thick and durable socks per day! Okay … whatever, I love the designs. Got my socks from pics | LTG


Damn, I love this book. There isn’t a day since I bought it that I did not take a look inside. The idea is amazing and I had to laugh all the time. The graphics are so reduced to the maximum and so simple, sometimes childish but always 1,000 % to the point.  “This is the perfect book for film buffs and anyone with a sense of humour or a short attention span.” I Got the German issue, but in ther imprint i saw that there must be an English original issue from 2013 with the title “FILM IN FIVE SECONDS” published by Quercus Publishing Plc, London. The book is made by MATTEO CIVASCHI and GIANMARCO MILESI – well done guys! The pictures you’ll find below are just some of my absolutely most beloved films.  150 Movies in graphics … where to start? Where to end? The next days I will give you the right titles to the graphics. But I think you’ll know a lot. Photos | LTG || Graphics | MATTEO CIVASCHI and GIANMARCO MILESI


Isn’t that a great looking 67 first-gen CAMARO in this classic GULF Design? A pure looking Race-Car. For all the technical informations and the history of this extraordinary CAMARO please check this: superchevy site … Anger Management … hm, it is an interesting story and this CAMARO wasn’t built like this for the street. Have a nice Sunday! pics | © HOT ROD MAGAZINE | SUPERCHEVY | CAMARO PERFORMERS


Do you know SOUL OBJECTS? I think everyone knows soul objects and has some favorite soul objects for his own. But do you know the store SOUL OBJECTS? If you don’t it is time to check it out. SOUL OBJECTS is a great store in the heart of Berlin, Germany. In short: you get there vintage & antique furniture, curious beard grooming products and barbershop supplies,  non-standard accessories,  a lot of handmade, unique stuff & bags, vintage rum & whiskey, gin, wine, art and, and, and so on. It is a must to check their site to learn more about this great store and its owners Kornelius & Oliver, men full of soul – they live what they sell. Look at the wonderful store photos full of soul below … awesome. Anyway, some weeks ago i ordered a new fragrance and another gin for my collection. Best choice! The Bois 1920 DOLCE DI GIORNO – Eau de Parfum is really something special. It would be too much to describe the smell and the idea behind this fragrance – and something more special: i got a limited art collection piece with a nice package design. DOL GIN is a direct hit for my gin collection. Great taste, not to fruity but so smooth. It is made in South Tirol, Italy. This is what the distiller says about his gin: “Florian Rabanser,  the master distiller at Plunhof,  is not only a perfectionist when it comes to the distillation of classic brandies and grappas,  but he is also overflowing with creativity and impetus when it comes to the implementation of new ideas. Two years of developmental work have brought us the first gin distilled in the region,  the first distilled only from herbs and ingredients grown here in the Dolomites. Together with the village apothecary,  we have meticulously analyzed which herbs typically used in the production of gin grow here in the Dolomites,  and which can be reasonably substituted with other local herbs. The high quality outcome is a real insiders’ tip and contains numerous plants and herbs,  which grow wildly here in the area of Mount Sciliar. Only the indispensable lemon zest is brought in from Lake Garda. We must wait another 20 years until we can grow our own lemons here in Siusi allo Sciliar.” Interested? Yes. Have a nice weekend SoulSisters and SoulBrothers – enjoy! pics | Bois 1920 & Dol Gin LTG || picsstore | Soul Objects


Some weeks ago my friend OLIVER WENKEL send me pics of wooden combs – maybe something interesting for LTG blog. And for sure I had to check up this stuff from “THE ORIGINAL BIG RED BEARD COMBS”. What i found @ their site was awesome! A lot of nice beard combs, oils, balms and other necessaries for the man with a hairy face. Everything designed so f***in’ nice. The consequence? I own 2 new beard combs and I am testing 2 new beard oils which make me happy every morning i use one of these. The combs are not only beautiful but great to handle too. So lightweight and so nice to touch. And they work perfect – it was never so easy to treat the beard. My sailor jerry style pin up girl engraved comb No.9 is “crafted with a laminated technology, which ensures that your comb is made as tough as possible. The comb is made from a total of five layers,  with the two inner layers running perpendicular to the face layers to add rigidity and strength to the teeth and body of the comb. With this process we’ve drastically increased the strength to ensure your comb will be around for quite some time.” The combs are made from Canadian wood cut down by Lumberjacks. No plastic here only 100% all natural lumber and believe me: You’ll feel the difference. And Oliver, thx for the hint again. pics | LTG


at first, as a great gin lover and graphic designer seeing this bottle, it was a must-have-item for me. the  bottle has one of the nicest designs i ever saw: so reduced, so cool, so to the point “BROKEN HEART”. great idea to double the 2 parts of one broken heart and put it on different places at the bottle. so you can watch nice mirrored and transparent effects – i love this. about the GIN: well, from new zealand – okay … interesting. i did not tried it yet, but it is described as a “pure, elegant and aromatic product with a really fine style, mild to the palate, compact and well-balanced but straight”. this was mentioned by an austrian sommelier where BROKEN HEART GIN was just rated – sounds good. it is made on a base of juniper with 11 different herbs mostly of the maker’s own organic plants and fresh spring water … “with a twist of orange”. BROKEN HEART GIN is an 100% natural product without any sugar, synthetic flavors and ingredients. check the BROKEN HEART website to read something about its interesting story: 2 germans created this GIN in NEW ZEALAND – sounds a bit crazy. pics | LTG


it’s getting warmer in middle germany and springtime is coming. time to get some fresh cycle stuff as a stimulation to get on the bike. it is nearly 15 years ago that i got my first ASSOS clothes: the best stuff you can wear in cycling sports – especially the sensational unbeatable cycling shorts, bibs and knickers. and this is not a promise but a fact! last time the designs of the jerseys got more technic – me, i prefer the classic designs without too much graphics. the new SS.neopro jerseys i like a lot, especially the USA shirt. you can get a nation jersey from france, germany, italy, UK and USA. new: also available dutch, belgium, luxembourg and canada. and the best is that these shirts are made out of a textile which is made of 100% recycled pet bottles. great idea! check to get more information and beside you can get a lot of infos about the new ASSOS CYCLING SHORT _S7 GENERATION, because “THE GAME HAS CHANGED, AGAIN: THE COMFORT REVOLUTION CONTINUES”. pics | LTG | CYLE & MODEL PHOTOS ©ASSOS