guys, it’s time to hurry up because these f***ing nice vests are now available in strictly limited numbers in just a few stores. what an awesome stuff – and everything is made by hand: designed, patterned, cut & sewn at the JACK/KNIFE workshop in SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA. the duck canvas comes from MOUNT VERNON MILLS in georgia, YKK copper burr and washer rivets with oxidized double pronged donut hole buttons – everything sourced in USA. 100% single-needle lockstitch construction, cotton twill wrapped seams for reinforcement. thx KAMI that you bring us this phantastic and special rare stuff to europe with B74 SELECTED GOODS DISTRIBUTION. the list of the stores where you can get the vests is short. ATTENTION – no online sales:
VMC / Zürich
Burg u Schild / Berlin
Vater u Sohn / Hamburg
The Lowdown on Denim / Wien
B74 / Frankfurt
Sfaar/ Tallinn
i am really happy to own both of these unique pieces. there are some limited reversible jackets too, i will post later. have a merry xmas guys. pics | LTG 

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