By cleaning up my boot closet I found this black beauty. Damn, this boot is so nice but my wife didn’t wear it for a long time and will not wear it anymore. This is not her boot style – she prefers the RWS Moc Toes and Chelseas. I bought this rare piece from RED WING SHOES in 2005 at Red WING SHOES Frankfurt, Germany. The model number is #850. They produced just a very small and limited run of these for the 100th birthday of RWS, I think to remember. Now I must give it away because I need more space for other boots I got the last time for my collection. Tomorrow I will give the boot to KAMI, owner of Red Wing Store Frankfurt, and we will show it @ the B74 Vintage Sale on Saturday 14th. Maybe I will sell it or Kami will take it to his magic archive. We will see … I can’t calm down seeing this boot for the first time again after some years: what an awesome boot! And it is a really good and original Replica compared to the picture of the “ORIGINAL BOOT” from 1905. The original work boot first year featured leather, buckles and laces for a secure fit. The Replica has a Zipper inside because closing all these buckles needs a lot of energy and patience. photos | LTG || historical pictures | @Red Wing Heritage


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