Yesterday I joined the 7th anniversary of B74-SELECTED GOODS. It was a must for me to visit Kami, the owner of this great shop, and his wife Iris. And it was a very fine but quite come together of friends after this horrible night before in Paris Friday 13th. It was obvious that something terrible happened … and we were talking about a lot. Me I wasn’t in the mood to do a lot of photos, but I did some … it was dark … so excuse me for the not so good quality at all. It was great to meet Frank Schulte in Person for the first time, the man behind the great Top Hatter blog. And if you have the possibility to visit and join B74 and its Sample & Vintage Sale you should do that the upcoming Saturday 21st of November: there are a lot of great offers in gear, accessories and vintage furniture, bicycles and so on. Great! pics | LTG

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