Yesterday I joined the 7th anniversary of B74-SELECTED GOODS. It was a must for me to visit Kami, the owner of this great shop, and his wife Iris. And it was a very fine but quite come together of friends after this horrible night before in Paris Friday 13th. It was obvious that something terrible happened … and we were talking about a lot. Me I wasn’t in the mood to do a lot of photos, but I did some … it was dark … so excuse me for the not so good quality at all. It was great to meet Frank Schulte in Person for the first time, the man behind the great Top Hatter blog. And if you have the possibility to visit and join B74 and its Sample & Vintage Sale you should do that the upcoming Saturday 21st of November: there are a lot of great offers in gear, accessories and vintage furniture, bicycles and so on. Great! pics | LTG


today i got my new CIGAR LIGHTER by DUPONT, PARIS – in bright orange what else?! now when the evenings get warmer there is nothing better than smoking a cigar and drinking a glass of wine while reading the newspaper on the fresh renovated roof-deck over the tops of DARMSTADT city. so i decided to replace the matches by a contemporary lighter. nice to find a DUPONT for an acceptable price. this one is my third DUPONT. my first, the silver one, i got from my parents when i got eighteen … well, long time ago. the second i bought about 15 years ago: a vintage line 2 gold combined with “LAQUE DE CHINE” which is really rare to find and so got really expensive now. it is a pity that both vintage lighter don’t work anymore. they lose gas in between hours and i brought them 2 times to the service but they could not solve the problem. so i am just happy to hear the unique smart snap sound when opening and closing these 2 DUPONTS. if you compare the sounds of a ZIPPO to DUPONT it is like comparing a CATERPILLAR to a CITROEN DS. pics | LTG


for me the MONOCLE series from CDG is one of my absolute favorites since years. last week the third fragrance was launched: SUGI. before there was HINOKI and LAUREL. SUGI’s top note is cypress and an intensive but so nice pepper smell. the heart note is of iris and virginia cedarwood while the base note is of pine and vetiver. a distinctive fragrance far away from mainstream. this is what my favorite fragrance dealer AUS-LIEBE-ZUM-DUFT writes about: “Created in Paris by Comme des Garçons head perfumer Antoine Maisondieu the light, energising and sophisticated fragrance is inspired by the sugi – also known as the Japanese cedar – which is a popular ornamental plant in Japan. Sugi is a refreshing unisex fragrance,  beginning with top notes of Mediterranean cypress and pepper from Madagascar,  followed by iris from Florence and cedar from Virginia, finishing with notes of pine and Haitian vetiver. “We’ve been working with Comme des Garçons for four years on Sugi and wanted it to bring a new dimension to our fragrance range,” says Monocle editor in chief Tyler Brûle. “Sugi sits seamlessly alongside Hinoki and Laurel as a distinctive Monocle scent but brings an added clean, fresh and delicate appeal.“ From the amazing yellow box, to the graphic design, every element of Sugi’s packaging was created by Monocle creative director Richard Spencer Powell and his London design team to reflect the sophisiticated and intelligent values of both magazine and Comme des Garçons. The fragrance is presented in a bold yellow matte-glass bottle with similarly distinctive yellow packaging, again featuring Monocle’s highly recognizable font and design. © First in Fragrance (p/sc)”. pics | LTG