Sorry guys for doing less posts the last weeks, but business is heavy. If you know, I am a great CAMARO fan, but if I would drive an all terrain vehicle there would be just two choices: a JEPP WRANGLER or a LAND ROVER DEFENDER. This morning I found this offer @ great GEAR PATROL shop. For 47.500 US$ this beauty could be yours. Here what GP says about this “One Ten”: “In 1983, Land Rover launched the One Ten a name referring to the purpose-built utility vehicle’s 110-inch wheelbase. Starting in the early 1990s, these models became known as Defender 110s to cement the model nomenclature. (The 110’s slightly shorter sibling, the Defender 90, featured a 93-inch wheelbase.) By 1985 all Defender models were running permanent four-wheel-drive and more modern features than their predecessors,  like one-piece windscreens and updated interiors. In January of 2016, after 67 years, Land Rover announced it would finally end production of the Defender, committing it to history as the king of overlanders. This pickup-style model was sourced in Switzerland, where its watchmaker owner restored the car to its original glory, including a rebuild of the 3.5-liter V8 and four-speed manual gearbox. He also added a four-barrel carburetor; Exmoor seats and interior parts; a complete repaint; and a new clutch,  new disc brakes,  new calipers and a new canvas top. Since his meticulous restoration about five years ago,  the truck has been driven only 5,000 kilometers.The vehicle was imported by Dutch Safari Company.” To inquire, email to store@gearpatrol.com. If I could, I would … all pics | Gear Patrol


i remember the times in the 80s when SUVs, sorry, off-road vehicles where driven by hunter, construction manager, forest worker or expedition teams here in germany. and when i think at these days there comes one characteristic bold and edged big car to my mind: the TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 70. mostly seen in sand or dark green and blue colors. and you still see these models from the early 80s in the streets here in germany. whatever, TOYOTA JAPAN celebrates the 30 anniversary of this iconic model with a re-releasing for just the year 2014. it is powered by a 4.0L V6 engine, a part time 4WheelDrive and some other nice contemporary features for about $35.000. the only problem is to get this 2K TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 70 from japan to germany or anywhere else. pics & film | © TOYOTA