Last week I had the possibility to shoot two vintage pairs of BRÜTTING DIAMOND BRAND sneakers. Nearly 40 years old but still in good shape with wonderful patina. The white sneaker is an original classic ROADRUNNER, available since 1967, which is named “LongJog” today – compare the old vs. new versions below. The tan sneaker is an original ASTROTURFER, which was introduced in the 1970s especially to be applied on synthetic turf which was known as ASTROTURF®. Today this shoe is named “RoadJog”. All sneakers, the old and new ones, of the DIAMOND BRAND Collection are build on the same last named “Lydiard-Leisten” which was developed by Eugen Brütting and New Zealand Athlete and Trainer Arthur Lydiard. The special thing is the “sickle shape” which is a special mark of the DIAMOND BRAND shoes. Both sneakers show the famous “DIAMOND BRAND” label. The Brand-name was introduced to increase the awareness level also outside Germany and to make marketing easier. That’s the reason why BRÜTTING still uses this Brandname for the actual collection. The vintage ROADRUNNER seems to be resoled – a service which is still offered today. B74 has the LongJog in “allblack” and the RoadJog in “dust”. More Infos @ B74 – – or give Kami a call +49 69 293329. pics | LTG



Got a box with 2 BRÜTTING DIAMOND BRAND trainers some days ago to check the stuff. And I was surprised – really. I am not a great sneaker or trainer fan for sure, so I wear these when I do sports in the gym or while running. But these BRÜTTING DIAMOND BRAND thing is not only a sneaker. These shoes are the only sneaker which are made completely by hand in Germany. The brands manufacture stands for lastingness, highest quality and a human measure. Only the best materials are used and everything is checked by strict high-quality controls. The shoes feature a natural rubber sole which gives every shoe an individual character. The rubber heel cap is a typical brand recognition. Also the waxed laces are made in Germany – with the “MELBOURNE” you get a second pair of laces in blue, red or black – nice! The leather insoles are replaceable. I can tell you that the shoe is mega comfortable. The magic square BRÜTTING DIAMANOD brand leather patch is really expressive and lives up the earlier success at the premium sneaker market. Since the late 60s BRÜTTING trainers and runners were produced. From this time on the brand name BRÜTTING stands for a perfect fit, highest quality and best comfort. EUGEN BRÜTTING developed shoe lasts, that were worn by the whole runner elite at this time. The models “ROAD RUNNER” und “ASTROTURFER” got cult status in the runners scene till today. The BRÜTTING DIAMOND BRAND sneakers are based on this former styles. The “MELBOURNE” is a redesigned allround jogger and the black ”LONG JOG” is an update of the classic model ”ASTROTURFER”.

The sneakers are available @ B74, Bube & König, Vater & Sohn, 14oz/Berlin and VMC/Zürich or directly at BRÜTUNG DIAMOND BRAND. Actual you get 2 models each in 3 color ways. pics | LTG


at first, i always loved the green RWS boots color and i owned an original from the sixties: an 888 IRISH SETTER made of this smooth and rare green kangaroo leather. yesterday i went to frankfurt with the family to visit KAMI, owner of RED WING STORE FRANKFURT. we talked a lot and when we said good bye he showed me this damn f***ing nice green boots: the new, reissued #8180. he told me that the boot will be officially presented this monday  by RED WING SHOES. so, it was great and a pleasure for me to do a post before the presentation ;-))

Here is the history about the #8180: “in 1963, RWS developed a premium sport boot using australian kangaroo leather. identified by its unique green color, the boot was developed exclusively for SEARS and carried the TED WILLIAM label. WILLIAMS is considered one of the greatest hitters in the history of baseball and was also an avid outdoorsman sho became an american icon. his name became a brand that labeled only the most premium sports and outdoor gear sold at SEARS.” (words by RWS)

so the #8180 is made of unique green KANTAGAN PORTAGE LEATHER, the same leather used to build each of these traditional, hand-stitched baseballs … and sorry, you will not get the ball with you when you buy an #8180 … and this style is exclusively available at RED WING STORES around the world. really nice and so unique. hm, i love the color … and, i did NOT buy these boots yet. pics | LTG


i remember the times in the 80s when SUVs, sorry, off-road vehicles where driven by hunter, construction manager, forest worker or expedition teams here in germany. and when i think at these days there comes one characteristic bold and edged big car to my mind: the TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 70. mostly seen in sand or dark green and blue colors. and you still see these models from the early 80s in the streets here in germany. whatever, TOYOTA JAPAN celebrates the 30 anniversary of this iconic model with a re-releasing for just the year 2014. it is powered by a 4.0L V6 engine, a part time 4WheelDrive and some other nice contemporary features for about $35.000. the only problem is to get this 2K TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 70 from japan to germany or anywhere else. pics & film | © TOYOTA