Hi folks, I hope you have had a relaxed Xmas time … or still have. As you know, the most beautiful presents are often the one you give to yourself. So I did for my boot collection: a Red Wing Boot style #956 in very good shape. Hard to find, hard to get. Shot these on a Japanese auction on Christmas eve – what a luck. I gave a fixed price and I did it. I love these simple style so much; must be from the late 80s or early 90s. They are now on their way to the LTG central.
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i will start a new serial today: friends of mine will show their boots or even their collection on
LIFE TIME GEAR. the first small but very fine collection is owned by MARKUS JAEGER, market place
manager of levi’s® germany. i know him for about 15 years and i cannot remember seeing him not
wearing RED WING SHOES. the only exceptions are chucks when it is hot summer. walk on!

RED WING SHOES STYLE 899 from 1989

RED WING SHOES STYLE 877 from 1991
RED WING SHOES STYLE 899 from 1993
RED WING SHOES STYLE 956 from 1994
RED WING SHOES STYLE 2902 from 2005 
Mr. M. Jäger 2011