My soulbrother Michael Uhlemann Master Chief of Cuisine M. send me some pics of his new Tellason aprons made of 14.75oz Cone Mills White Oak Denim. The apron is limited to 50 pieces and it was sadly for sure the last Cone Denim production – so something really special! The leather patch shows the “TEN” logo standing for the 10th anniversary of Tellason. “Michael is Tellason”, he is the biggest Tellason fan I know and so it is fantastic that they made an apron that he can use when cooking – maybe they did it especially for Michael 😉 who is already longer a very good friend to Tellason’s Pete & Tony and Distributor Uwe E. Maier c/o Amtraq Distribution, who love his way to cook so much and above all his personality and his loyalty to the brand … do you know anyone who has a “Tellason Wall Of Fame” at home? I know!
© Michael Uhlemann | Life-Time-Gear.com

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Hi guys, I am back! After 6 months of working so much on different projects I will continue LIFE TIME GEAR blog. I am so sorry, that LTG blog was “sleeping” and I was really surprised, that a lot of people asked and wrote me, if LTG is dead and that I should keep going on the blog – I will do! Okay, one of these projects was the creative direction of the “TEN” magazine I did for TELLASON and AMTRAQ DISTRIBUTION because of the 10th Anniversary of TELLASON. It was a great pleasure to do this for Pete, Tony and Uwe –you must know, since 2012 I didn’t wear another jean than my two pairs Tellason Gustave. We have have had an exciting time with a lot of work and best teamwork with people around the world. Last week the magazine was launched at the “TEN”  anniversary party during Selvedge Run 2019. Here just some pages to look at. 
© Photo TEN Title | Leonardo Nave
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FREDRIK from SIVLETTO & UNIONVILLE, sweden, send me some information about a new swedish denim brand – and NEZUMI sounds interesting. this 2011 established premium jeans brand is from stockholm, sweden, founded by DAVID CAMPO CARDENES.

“the brand name NEZUMI means “rat” in japanese. the inspiration for the brand name comes from a book that DAVID read as a child about a legendary thief called NEZUMI KOZO who lived in japan during the EDO period. it is said that he stole from the wealthy samurai and gave to the poor turning the petty crook into a folk hero.”

DAVID’s passion for denim starts long ago and in 2002 he decided to search a factory in sweden which could make jeans – for years he couldn’t find one. but in 2011 he found a swedish family owned factory. with these people and their know-how he started NEZUMI by releasing the N 0-2-50 – seen on the pics below – limited to 50 pairs. here some facts: regular rise, slightly tapered legs, button fly, premium 13.5 oz rigid selvage denim from CONE DENIM, WHITE OAK, usa, … the hand debossed natural tanned patch is made of genuine full grain vegetable leather from TÄRNSJÖ TANNERY in sweden. interesting? indeed! and beside: the rugged INDY BOOT worn in the photo shooting is mega awesome. pics | NEZUMI