It starts with checking Zace D. Myers Facebook profile seeing these wonderful boots the first time. Zace is the founder and owner of the denim brand ZACE USA. He introduced the return of this classic hiking boots – for sure – Made in USA. Seeing the boots more and more I had to take a more closely look and after speaking to my buddy Felix  I ordered a pair. And men, these are the most comfortable boots I ever wore and believe me, I have had a lot of different boots on my feet till today. Yesterday I went to a client shooting on location. 10 hours nonstop on my feet in the forest. Jumping around and doing art direction … nothing hurts, no tired feet. The boots are really tough but amazing light weighted. I am really excited about my 8″ Rockies. The boot is made of a full-grain leather using a Goodyear@ welt construction fitted with an oil and slip resisting Vibram® rubber outsole – the boot can be resoled for sure. Inside there is a Terra Suspension Footbed which is removable and tough enough to give a lot of comfort as I just can confirm because of yesterday. The footbed has an arch and heel designed for tremendous support and comfort. A double-ribbed, tempered steel shank provides additional arch support and foot stability. There are a lot of parts which are triple stitched! About the toe. “Oblique is a design term, referring to the shape of the boots, Oblique toe boots are designed to follow the shape of a foot and offer extra room for your big toe”. The boots are crafted in Wynne, Arkansas, and the Rocky Original Oblique-Toe Boots feature complete American Materials from the Vibram@ Sole which is made in Massachusetts, over the laces which come from Portsmouth, Ohio, to the leather. A true and honest product Made in USA. And take a look at the nice box and so special and great: the ZACE USA denim boot sacs. Damn, what a surprise when I opened the box. I love this boots. Contact Zace and send him a PN to get your pair. pics | LTG


as a frequently reader of my blog you must know that i am a great fan of the classic DANNER LIGHT BOOT. i own one pair that i mostly wear for the activity this boot was rather made for: hiking. but sometimes i take my DANNERs to the city or somewhere else because of the great comfort and the heritage and iconic look. today i found this wonderful boot which is done in a collaboration between DANNER and great BALL AND BUCK. this means 1000% americana! this DANNER LIGHT uses a special leather that’s saturated with oils and wax. i love the 10oz camouflage flanks so much and the subtle blaze orange heel stitching. Check the list below for all the features. this boot is a must-have, but only a few sizes are left … and for sure the boot is strictly limited. pics | Ball and Bucks


last week i took 2 days off and went with my family to my birth city FULDA for hiking till yesterday. we did some tours with my dad in the beautiful HOCHRHÖN region having best weather. on friday we went to KREUZBERG where an old franciscan abbey is. it was a great day with a lot of walked kilometers, drinking self brewed beer and spectacular views. by the way: the “CLASSIC DANNER LIGHT” is the perfect hiking boot. so light, so comfortable, waterproofed with breathable GORE-TEX® lining, VIBRAM kletterlift outsole … absolutely genial! high tech combined with retro, classic design. bad pics | LTG