If I would have the right place to park, I mean enough space, and if I would have some money to play with, this truck would be mine! This Jeep Wagoneer is such a beauty and it would be the perfect car for me and my dog “Toni”. The price is nice too and the condition seems to be perfect. It was built in 1979 and the speedometer just shows nearly 26.000 kilometers. V8, automatic, 4-wheel-drive, a lot of chrome and such nice colors in and outside with a smart wood application – classic! The car is located in Bonn, Germany, and it is sold by Alltagsklassiker. So check the site for more information.
© Photos: Jasmin Isnenghi for Alltagsklassiker.de

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isn’t that truck beautiful? maybe you remember that i did a post about ICON’s FORD BRONCO? the THRIFTMASTER was released november 2013 at SEMA. in 2014 los angeles based ICON will only build 5 ultimate THIRFTMASTER pick ups. each truck will be signed and sequentially numbered – for a pricing range from $220,000 to 250.000. in the future there will be a wider range of this beautiful remade truck. here some facts about the THIRFTMASTER: “This first, “Ultimate Edition” ICON Thriftmaster, comes in your choice of body color (matte or gloss finish), with your choice of manual or automatic transmission, naturally aspirated or with an intercooled supercharger. Otherwise, it comes one way… loaded. Standard equipment includes four wheel disc brakes, A/C, PW, PDL, Wi-Fi Hot Spot, Web-enabled Kenwood and Audison digital audio, NAV, tilt column, copious insulation, Bison hide seating, Wilton wool carpet, Alcantara headliner, smoked glass, and innovative brushed nickel plated trim with aircraft ceramic clear coat … Never before has a classic pick up managed such comfort and handling. With approximately 315 horsepower, which can be upgrated to 435HP, 5.3 Ltr. V8, there is plenty of power on hand. With Wilwood oversized disc brakes at all four corners, 60-0 is equally impressive. The Platform specific Art Morrison chassis is unparalleled in its balance and handling characteristics … (press release autoblog.com). damn, what a unique truck … with a unique price for sure. it is with all the things ICONS does like the JEEP CJ, the TOYOTAs FJ and the BRONCO. can’t stop staring at it … all pics | © ICON


wonderful ads from the time when cars looked like a car has to be and a JEEP looked like a JEEP. as a graphic designer i love this style of illustration and photography of the early post war time. even more as a JEEP lover … one day i will drive a WRANGLER – for sure. pics | compiled by OLD CAR ADVERTISMENTS


to excited! a JEEP WRANGLER is on my LIFE TIME GEAR list to own it one day. i think since i saw my first JEEP (an army WILLY)  in the late 60s in FULDA driven by GIs of the BLACK HORSE REGIMENT. okay, just 3 months ago i could strike another dream car from the LIFE TIME GEAR wish list. yeah, but that’s another subject. isn’t that pure white classic JEEP WRANGLER combined with the classic MARTINI design a beauty? and the STARWOOD MOTORS goodies? classic design meets something that does not fit but fit because of this fact combined with pure high-tech. exciting: i love this! AND, f***, an 392 HEMI V8 machine. for more information, check the DUPONT REGISTERY site. pics | STARWOOD MOTORS