Guys, it’s getting winter here in middle Germany. No more Oxfords without socks. Time to sock up with socks that don’t suck. Beside my Red Wing Shoes socks and CHUPS I always wear in all my boots from Alden over Rocky Heritage Boots to White’s these four pairs of ANONYMOUS ISM are the first I’ll try. The Anchor Socks are not really made for extreme cold conditions but perfect for fall. The camouflage ones are really thick and warm – and so cozy! The unique socks of ANONYMOUS ISM are woven on looms from the 1970s in a Japanese manufacture. Made from natural materials and thick yarns the socks are produced in distinct colors and peerless patterns. By built of the looms and use of quality yarns the efficiency of the machinery is limited to less than 50 pairs of these thick and durable socks per day! Okay … whatever, I love the designs. Got my socks from pics | LTG


guys it’s time to open the cupboard. next time i will present you my boot & shoe collection piece by piece. by the way i want to organize the chaos … my wife wants me to do, too … but that’s another story. you will see some boots you know if you follow my blog frequently  and i promise that i will you show some really rare and exotic pieces from western to work boots, from rugged and old to nearly new, from 12 inch boots to oxfords, from ALDEN to YUKETEN – it is a lot of stuff. beside my cupboard i have a big metal case in the basement where f.ex. my marriage boots are stored: long time no see … i think i will discover some suprise for my self. pics | LTG