Hi guys, long time no blog … I am sorry, but my real life needs me: toooooo much work, a lot of trouble the last weeks.  I hope it will get better now. Yesterday I wore these amazing customized ALDEN x VOLLS INDY BOOTS for the first time after customized by INGO KELLER who runs SCHUHGOTT in Cologne, Germany. And I must tell you, that these boots were much more comfortable to wear than before: great walking. I bought these ALDEN x VOLLS cooperation boot 2 years ago and I wore it just several times. I am not a friend of “just leather soles”. I know that a lot of you will say “Damn this boot looks quiet smarter with a pure leather sole”, but I didn’t like it. I wore too often work boots and heavy western boots. When I wear a boot or a shoe with a leather sole I have the feeling wearing ballet shoes, not to mention about the grip. INGO put classic DAINITE sole and heel under a double leather sole construction and I love the look now – and the comfortably. A really clean and perfect work for my now daily ALDEN. If you want to customize your boots or shoes just contact INGO. He is open minded to your wishes and a specialist for Red Wing Shoes resoling:

SCHUHGOTT by Ingo Keller
Wittgensteinstr. 35 | 50931 Köln
Fon 0221/402583 |
SCHUHGOTT auf Facebook

pics | LTG


Guys, it’s getting winter here in middle Germany. No more Oxfords without socks. Time to sock up with socks that don’t suck. Beside my Red Wing Shoes socks and CHUPS I always wear in all my boots from Alden over Rocky Heritage Boots to White’s these four pairs of ANONYMOUS ISM are the first I’ll try. The Anchor Socks are not really made for extreme cold conditions but perfect for fall. The camouflage ones are really thick and warm – and so cozy! The unique socks of ANONYMOUS ISM are woven on looms from the 1970s in a Japanese manufacture. Made from natural materials and thick yarns the socks are produced in distinct colors and peerless patterns. By built of the looms and use of quality yarns the efficiency of the machinery is limited to less than 50 pairs of these thick and durable socks per day! Okay … whatever, I love the designs. Got my socks from pics | LTG


He guys, no, i wasn’t @ holidays for 5 weeks, but when I came back, work was, and still is, so heavy that there was time for nothing beside the job. But yesterday evening I had to join a special event. As you know VOLLS is located @ my hometown Darmstadt, Germany. The owner of this great shop Klaus Voll has a new baby: VOLLS WOMEN. Yesterday evening the shop has had its Kick Off with a nice event. I just could stay for a short time while so many people came in to check it. My buddy Klaus and his Team, Burcu & Ann-Katrin, did a really good job and created an awesome shop which will run – for sure. Our city needs such a women shop like this. Klaus – GOOD LUCK. Here just some impressions … pics | LTG


Some days ago I picked up these nice T-shirts by THE HILLSIDE @ VOLLS. KLAUS offers these in 3 colors: army green, french blue and faded black. It is a pity that the blue shirt just came in in M and XL – not my sizes. I love this simple but so nice and classic “THE” print. The shirts are made of ring-spun cotton jersey. Some more facts: garment-dyed in USA, screen-printed by hand with water-based ink, split hem at side seams, semi-circle back yoke panel, The Hill-Side Sportswear woven label, 100% cotton and for sure Made in USA. These so nice lookin’ high quality shirts are not online @, so send  Klaus just an email. pics | LTG


Helmet Bag? Since weeks this bag is my daily carrier – sure not for working: FILSON rules! –, but for all other activities. Sometimes I even take it as my sports bag – my soccer shoes and a towel fit into this bag and a 1 ltr. bottle of mineral water too. The bag is lightweight, made of nylon, has three interior pockets a shoulder strap so that I easily can take it with me on the bike. The zip is a heavy one and the lining soft. Just perfect – hope it will last forever! Take a look at the photos what I got with me when I was @ the doctors this morning. About the look we have do not have to speak: it’s simple, classic, without any useless shit, military inspired – perfect. Bought this bag last year @ It was and is not online and I do not know if he has some more in stock. Ask him! pics | LTG


it’s cold in middle germany. so one important piece is missing – i could not take a nice photo of it: a NIGEL CABOURN MACKINTOSH clip coat  i own now for more than 6 years. so guys – just 3 weeks left till xmas. i will give you the weblinks for actual available stuff i show here. pics | LTG

denim | IRON HEART IH-555S-BLK 21oz Black Indigo Snake | actual F/W
vest | JACK/KNIFE deadstock indigo USA duck canvas, strictly limited | B-74
shirt | ENGINEERED GARMENTS work shirt | actual F/W
boots | WHITE’S SEMI DRESS calfskin brown
belt | DUKES | B-74 &
scarf | THE HILL-SIDE |
socks | CHUP | actual F/W


got this wonderful red colored DOUK-DOUK from – KLAUS sells PASSION FRANCE now. and for sure i did not know since yesterday that this french classic knife is available in a wonderful rich enamel red – a must-have-item. and the best i got it as a present from KLAUS … thx buddy! formerly the DOUK-DOUK was designed to be sold in french colonies. the engraving on the handle of this knives depict a “DOUK-DOUK”, a native mythological character. my red DOUK-DOUK shows “THE SORCIER” (the sorcerer). the knife is still made from stainless steel in france, its blade is a “turkish clip” contour and its handle is folded steel-metal. it has very slim proportions so that you can put in any pocket. beside, DOUK-DOUK is the preferred knife of the FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION. for much more information please check . my DOUK-DOUK is kept by a OBBI GOOD LABEL MTC wallet chain – love this. its great when you can put a knife to your pant this way. the red DOUK-DOUK CHROMATIQUE is delivered in a red soft leather slip case so that you could put it to your belt. a steel honing rod is included too.  … pics | LTG


some more pics from my visit 2 days ago @ VOLLS. beside the new SPIEWAK stuff i showed you yesterday @ LTG i took some pics of the some new IRON HEART stuff for the upcoming winter season. but there is much more classic IRON HEART stuff in the shop than i shot, but i love these colorful 12oz ultra heavy flannel western shirts so much. KLAUS told me that the stuff will be online soon @ have a nice weekend! pics | LTG



when i went to the post office yesterday i did a short turn to VOLLS, checking some new stuff KLAUS got the last days. i was really excited about the new SPIEWAK GOLDEN FLEECE jackets. especially the WAXED DECK JACKETS i like a lot. these DECK JACKETS were some of the most favorite jackets for the US FORCES in the 1940s. SPIEWAK was the official manufacturer of the us navy and air force and so the first maker of the nowadays famous and classic deck jackets. they are available in classic olive and navy blue with a shearling collar. both are made of waxed cotton. the camouflage jacket is an absolute damn f***ing must-have item. it is really special but so nice. i am sorry that i don’t have any more informations about it – i was flashed that i forgot to ask KLAUS about some facts. check, i think the jacket will be soon online in KLAUS’ shop – the deck jackets are online right now. the down filled AVIATION SNORKEL PARKAS are a contemporary interpretation of the famous and classic N3-B PARKAs from the 1950s. these are nice too but mainly useful with their TEFLON coated, wind and water resistant outer fabrics and a lot of other practically features and details. And especially the price is unbeatable for such a jacket. check the stuff @ for more information. pics | LTG





time to put the short sleeved shirts in front of the cupboard – it is getting warmer and warmer day by day here in middle germany. especially these four GITMAN VINTAGE shirts with their nautical prints i love so much. the dark blue ones with the ships and the bandana-like-pattern from the SS 2013 collection are much more heavy than the lightweight poplin shirts i got from last week. these two are so nice because of their old school nautical pattern. all new GITMAN stuff will be online @ the next days. the site will be relaunched soon with all the new stuff – check it. pics | LTG