A nice key holder is a must. I own a lot of keys to put in order: several keys for home, office … my beloved Orange Beast and the car of my wife. All keys get hold be a LEDERLING (engl. Leather thing) hand made by EMMA OPITZ. These nice helper are made completely by hand in a little manufacture in Berlin, Germany. Every piece of EMMA OPITZ is a one of a kind, always a bit different from the one done before. The owner of EMMA OPITZ, Marc Türkheim, learned the famous knot that holds all this LEDERLINGE together by his grandma – it is a nice story! You can get several types of key holder and other leather accessories. The big ones I own are called “Bismark“ and the small one is a special custom thing which was made for KAMI, owner of B74. He gave me this key holder as a present – damn, I like this so much! The 2 “Bismarks” I got from volls.de. The LEDERLINGE are not placed in the online shop but contact Klaus if you want to get one of these great unique pieces. Also available for sure @ B74. pics | LTG


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