One of my absolute Red Wing favorites is the iconic Moc Toe style #8131. Before handing out my brother his new oro-russet Moc Toe, I had to take some shots – I like the contrast so much. Maybe you wanna check out the “vintage versus new” photos. My rugged boot is from the 90s and when you check the pictures you can’t find many differences compared to the actual #8131. Obviously there is an embossed Red Wing Shoes logo on the outsides of the vintage #8131, while the new boot features the characteristic label at the tongue with a lot of information about the boot. All Red Wing Boots and Shoes have this label since years. The inseams of the heels are a bit different. That’s all. Never change a working system or a good working product! Thanks to the guys from Red Wing, Minnesota! Come and get your #8131 at the oldest Red Wing Shoe Store outside the USA in Frankfurt, est. 1977, in store or online pics | LTG

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