when i went to the post office yesterday i did a short turn to VOLLS, checking some new stuff KLAUS got the last days. i was really excited about the new SPIEWAK GOLDEN FLEECE jackets. especially the WAXED DECK JACKETS i like a lot. these DECK JACKETS were some of the most favorite jackets for the US FORCES in the 1940s. SPIEWAK was the official manufacturer of the us navy and air force and so the first maker of the nowadays famous and classic deck jackets. they are available in classic olive and navy blue with a shearling collar. both are made of waxed cotton. the camouflage jacket is an absolute damn f***ing must-have item. it is really special but so nice. i am sorry that i don’t have any more informations about it – i was flashed that i forgot to ask KLAUS about some facts. check volls.de, i think the jacket will be soon online in KLAUS’ shop – the deck jackets are online right now. the down filled AVIATION SNORKEL PARKAS are a contemporary interpretation of the famous and classic N3-B PARKAs from the 1950s. these are nice too but mainly useful with their TEFLON coated, wind and water resistant outer fabrics and a lot of other practically features and details. And especially the price is unbeatable for such a jacket. check the stuff @ volls.de for more information. pics | LTG





2 years ago it began with a chukka, the icon ENGINEER BOOT style #83 and the well known HIKER BOOT #66: VIBERG at volls, darmstadt, germany. these days KLAUS got to the next level in VIBERG boots. two different SERVICE BOOTS in two different colors and sole combinations just arrived and complete the actual line up now. and KLAUS’ order was a really good decision because the 1940 and 1950 SERVICE BOOTS are at least iconic as the VIBERG #83 and #66 are. so awesome that i just took one with me when i saw the boots the first time in the shop. it is the brown 1950 SERVICE BOOT with the white #4014 VIBRAM cristy sole. and i love the sprung-up toe so much. with all my other boots i am working for such a toe look – the 1950 SERVICE BOOT got it when you buy it and the boot is so unbelievable comfortable. maybe you think the price is high, it is indeed, but believe me, this boot is LIFE TIME GEAR. put it on and you’ll stand and walk like you never did before. i am really crazy about it. and i think the black 1950 will find the way to my cupboard too. but i have to sell a boot from my collection without having pricks of conscience. for more information about the boots check volls.de . more details about my 1950 SERVICE BOOT next week as a part of my LTG boot & shoe collection series. photos | LTG