Helmet Bag? Since weeks this bag is my daily carrier – sure not for working: FILSON rules! –, but for all other activities. Sometimes I even take it as my sports bag – my soccer shoes and a towel fit into this bag and a 1 ltr. bottle of mineral water too. The bag is lightweight, made of nylon, has three interior pockets a shoulder strap so that I easily can take it with me on the bike. The zip is a heavy one and the lining soft. Just perfect – hope it will last forever! Take a look at the photos what I got with me when I was @ the doctors this morning. About the look we have do not have to speak: it’s simple, classic, without any useless shit, military inspired – perfect. Bought this bag last year @ It was and is not online and I do not know if he has some more in stock. Ask him! pics | LTG


found this crazy stuff today during a short coffee break. first thoughts: cool, funny idea. but i did not now that UNDEROOS has had cult status in the US. average american little kids wore during the 1970s and late 1980s for sure UNDEROOS with characters from MARVEL, DC HEROES and STAR WARS. now, brand new, UNDEROOS is back. not for kids but for adults … great. i do not know anything about the quality, maybe it is made in china or somewhere fucking else, but i think it works so good. check  HOTTOPPICS site for more hero underwear – there is even some hero stuff for your wife … pics | © HOTTOPPIC


when i went to the post office yesterday i did a short turn to VOLLS, checking some new stuff KLAUS got the last days. i was really excited about the new SPIEWAK GOLDEN FLEECE jackets. especially the WAXED DECK JACKETS i like a lot. these DECK JACKETS were some of the most favorite jackets for the US FORCES in the 1940s. SPIEWAK was the official manufacturer of the us navy and air force and so the first maker of the nowadays famous and classic deck jackets. they are available in classic olive and navy blue with a shearling collar. both are made of waxed cotton. the camouflage jacket is an absolute damn f***ing must-have item. it is really special but so nice. i am sorry that i don’t have any more informations about it – i was flashed that i forgot to ask KLAUS about some facts. check, i think the jacket will be soon online in KLAUS’ shop – the deck jackets are online right now. the down filled AVIATION SNORKEL PARKAS are a contemporary interpretation of the famous and classic N3-B PARKAs from the 1950s. these are nice too but mainly useful with their TEFLON coated, wind and water resistant outer fabrics and a lot of other practically features and details. And especially the price is unbeatable for such a jacket. check the stuff @ for more information. pics | LTG





after a five months break i will continue my LTG BOOT & SHOE COLLECTION series. the boot today is really outstanding and this not only because of the price – this one is so well done and crafted. it is a replica of the N-1 official US NAVY BOOT during WWII, which was called the “BOONDOCKER”. the people at REAL McCOY’S found an original boot which was really hard to find. and from this boot they took all the specifications and made a – sorry for me – one of the most perfect boots, you can get today. love the triple stitching details and enjoy the perfect fitting day by day. i got my boots from but he did not put these nice pieces online. another option here in europe is superdenim in the UK. important: size down half a number (US size). pics | LTG

date of buying | end 2013
size | 9 D
height | 6 inch
leather | cow hide suede; treated eith dubbin by hand to offer water restsitance
pull loop | no
hardware | eyelets
laces | cotton, 7 holes
sole | rubber & cord “RAW CORD”
half slip | yes
heel base | straight
heel height | standard
mid sole | standard leather,  brown
toe design | plain toe
insole | leather footbed
welt | leather welt
steel toe | NO
category | replica US NAVY BOOT WWII, made in JAPAN